An (Additional) Eruption of Bimbos

Most recollect Hillary’s comment of “eruption of bimbos”. The nastiness and disdain heaped upon those unlucky ladies was monumental. Poor dears managed to be groped and even raped by Bill, then demonized for speaking up.

Now we suddenly seem to be suddenly watching as member after member of the Left is unmasked as a predator of the lowest form. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Chuck Schumer was next. What started with a really low life – Harvey – has spread that label to the likes of Conyers, Lauer, Franken, Rose, – even Garrison Kiellor. ?Who will come up tomorrow.

Nancy Pelosi “stood by” Conyers because he was “such an icon”. Now, merely days later, she is calling for him to resign. His lawyer says hell no, but he will; there is too much public sentiment against his kind of actions. If Minnesota Public Radio tossed Garrison Kieller of Lake Wobegone fame, Conyers will not stand. He should stop the bleeding and leave, but that also won’t happen.

So the question remains – ?when will the dummies wake up and notice that they are being harmed by these idiots on the Left. ?Will there be any awakening to the fact that there just might be men and women on the Left with some character. Or perhaps I am mistaken and to be a Leftie you have to be an immoral dunce.

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7 Responses to An (Additional) Eruption of Bimbos

  1. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    It’s no big deal to dump Conyers because he’s in the House, he’s from a safe district in Motown (formerly occupied by John Dingell[berry]), and he’s past his expiration date at age 88.

    Al Franken[stein] is another matter. Senators are a scarcer commodity and the Minnesota seat is not a safe one. Expect Franken to cling to his seat like a barnacle clings to a ship’s hull with the full support of Chuck & Nancy and the rest of the nasty bits on Capitol Hill.

  2. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Can the Left have a moral character? I wonder.
    After decades of destroying anything approaching a moral absolute as evil, it may not be possible to have what most would consider good morals and be consistent with the Left.

    We are seeing the end of the part of the wealthy boomer kids of the 60s that rebelled against ‘the man’ , and have sailed rudderless through life on the social stature of their parents.

    Of course, when weighty questions such as yours confound me, I consult the classics. I think I need to watch Animal House again to understand the roots of the situation.

  3. MJBubba says:

    Of course the Left has moral character.

    Their morality is different from ours, of course. They talk smack about morals and values, but then they make substitutions that undermine the entire concept.

    Since the Media-Democrat Complex will cover for each other, it is up to our side to expose just what they mean when they babble about morals. This takes patient and careful listening and parsing in order to be able to re-state what they are saying in plain language that lets the sunlight in.

    • DevereauxDevereaux says:

      Much of this devolves to whether you have faith or not.

      IF you have faith, then morals are rules given by God. That makes them immutable.

      If, OTOH, you DON’T have faith, then “morals” are no different than any OTHER rule man makes. As a friend once said, “How convenient. You can change them any time you wish.”

  4. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Now ANOTHER democrat congressman has been outed as a predator. ?How many more.

  5. MJBubba says:

    “…whether you have faith or not.”

    Well, lots of Leftists claim faith, and I do not doubt that they believe that there is a loving god. But Leftists are Universalists (unless of course they are Atheists).
    It is not just a matter of having faith, but it is a matter of having faith in a God who cares about sin. I think it is better to state our spiritual divide as a matter of the Doctrine of Original Sin, because that is a quicker way to get to the root of their problem.

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