What’s Wrong with Hugh Hewitt?

I remember in 2008 how many of us listeners mentioned to Hugh (and this happened on Michael Medved’s show, too) that Obama is a Socialist (really, he’s a Marxist) and he refused to let callers continue, dismissing them immediately. He later admitted that Obama was a socialist in 2012. Too late, of course. Since he’s been on MSNBC and other mainstream shows he’s defended the MSM personalities to his listeners and talked about how nice they all are. It’s difficult to listen to his interviews of some of these people as he never gives them any difficult or challenging questions. With them he’s become a shill and it’s embarrassing and it’s obvious. When Robert Mueller was appointed as a special prosecutor he was lavish in his praise, insisting… Continue reading

Happy to be here!

My blood pressure and state of mind are both vastly improved since I got expelled from Ricochet U for a month.  I likely won’t return there.  Visiting this site is always a positive experience.  I’ll be around more now.  Thanks for hosting this site BDB, and thanks to those who help him.

A Voice from the Past

A week or so ago, I finished reading Tramp Royale by Robert Heinlein. It is a travelogue documenting an around-the-world trip Heinlein and his wife took in 1953-54 by ship, rail, and airplane. Mostly, the book is a light-hearted description of their travels with his wife (Ginny, aka “Ticky” in the book) humorously cast as his troublemaker companion. She published the book in 1992, after her husband’s death. This is not a book review. It is the book’s concluding passage, extensively quoted below, that struck me as applicable today as it was over 60 years ago. Heinlein speaks of America’s many enemies and few friends abroad but so much of what he wrote applies to today’s domestic situation as well. There is hostility to the American Experiment from… Continue reading

Right Angles, Natural Disaster Correspondent, Reporting From Houston!

Dateline: Houston, Texas President Trump and the First Lady arrived in Houston yesterday to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey. But the purpose of the trip was overshadowed by reactions to Melania Trump’s footwear, which is obviously of much greater import than a little water damage, thousands of lost houses and businesses, and some dead people. I mean let’s get our priorities straight here. Am I right? On the ground at the White House, CNN’s I.M. Amoron reported: “Melania Trump just boarded the plane in stiletto heels. One has to wonder what she was thinking when she got dressed this morning. It looks to me like she was thinking only of herself as usual. It’s just more evidence of the disconnect. Which is my new favorite word…. Continue reading

Unnamed Wednesday 9pm Eastern Time Conference Call

It’s that time of the week again, when we connect for another town hall meeting in the Village of the Darned. BDB still wants somebody, multiple somebodies, or multiple nobodies out there to volunteer to speak on interesting subjects. If the software tells you that you’re the only caller, don’t you believe it! Press on with the access code and you’ll probably find us in there! US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see chat in “BDB Chat” tab above] International Local Dial-in Numbers Albania +355 4 454 1702 Argentina +54 351 569-7183 Australia +61 2 8077 0505 Austria +43 1 2650524 Belgium +32 3 294 11 50 Brazil +55 11 3042-5274 Bulgaria +359 2 495 1701 Cambodia +855 96 696 7824 Chile +56 2 3210 9930 Colombia +57 6 7334210 Costa Rica +506… Continue reading

It’s a BLM Day in the Neighborhood

Just in case you missed it, which would not be hard to do because it was not widely reported, last week a dozen or so Philadelphia BLMs came to the quiet street on which a Philadelphia cop lives with his family. The cop is on administrative leave pending an investigation into his participation in a shooting death of a black man in June. For a couple hours the BLMs, with a bullhorn, shouted threats and obscenities, ignoring the fact that it was a street of families and kids. A string of police officers instantly materialized and separated the thugs from the crowd of Philly-attitude parents who quickly came out to ‘discuss’ things with them. Not mentioned in any news report that I’ve seen, but reported by the local… Continue reading

Check Your Membership Privilege

Just a quick note talking about membership.  There are no issues (that I’m aware of), and I am glad to see some new faces, and some old.  There are a good number of accounts here which don’t see much activity.  People kind of come and go as they please.  A recurring topic is the site’s relationship with Ricochet, or at least the members’ relationship, and there is no issue there either.  I do try to maintain a “good neighbor” stance toward Ricochet, and heaven knows that good fences make good neighbors.  I would not like to see this site become what Charles Johnson used to call a “stalker site”, existing only to throw stones at a former membership locus.  On the other hand, one thing that many here… Continue reading

It’s a fight to the death

Trump only has the voters on his side. Will that be enough? I have long considered the media to be the main opponent in the country — they are why we can’t have nice things. At the bottom of every thorny and controversial problem there is the media at their most implacable. Abortion is an example — because they know about the slippery slope thing and they are trained in Alinsky/Socialist thinking (unwittingly but definitely) they know to never give in and never admit defeat. So, even reasonable restrictions on abortion — such as those in Europe and most of the civilized world — are not something they can compromise on. They might even think some restrictions are necessary but don’t dare let that be known even for… Continue reading

God Teaches By Example Sometimes…

We just got back home after  fleeing a forest fire which was forcing evacuations at our planned destination while we were enroute. The whole of Western Oregon and N Cali is engulfed in orange smoke from the many burns underway.  So much for a quick getaway weekend for our 46th anniversary. After we got on the grid I got in touch with my nephew who lives in Houston. He and his family are safe and dry for now. He says the devastation of the waters is beyond belief. I send money and prayers, for an old man would need more help than he can give in Texas. May the cost in lives and spirits be low despite the damage and losses which will be uncountable. My reflection is… Continue reading