Miserable Jew-Hating Roger Waters Dumped by Label

I’ve written about Roger Waters and his anti-semitism uh elsewhere.  Had to argue the case at times, so imagine how vindicated I feel: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has reportedly been dumped by his label BMG after the rock musician said the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack was justified, while also claiming Israel exaggerated the extent of the Hamas killings. BMG is preparing to separate entirely from the veteran musician, unnamed sources told Variety. The German company signed a publishing agreement with Waters in 2016 and was scheduled to release a new version of Pink Floyd’s seminal 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon  last year, but new CEO Thomas Coesfeld canceled the deal, according to the report. — https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2024/01/30/report-pink-floyds-roger-waters-dumped-by-label-bmg-after-saying-october-7-hamas-terror-attack-was-justified/ And I’m glad there won;t be a Roger Waters… Continue reading

Help Wanted! Can you help test things? No technical knowledge required.

Greetings!  I could use some help testing things before I announce that the site is ready for prime time.  If you have some moments here and there, I would greatly appreciate a hand making sure that things work in YOUR experience, not just on mine.  No fancy knowledge required — the goal is to make sure that nobody needs to know Boo about this to succeed at using the site. Thank you! You can comment below, or if your login is borked, hit me up on mail — see info under the JOIN tab above. Gracias.

Against Bombing Iran — Bigger Reasons

I am against bombing Iran, for a simple and I think much-overlooked reason: our government will just make a mess of it no matter how well-deserved or thoughtfully strategized it may be. The comforting and necessary twin assumptions of competence and fidelity are simply not sustainable assumptions in the current day.  Our government has lost the moral right to send men into combat, and that’s the nicest thing that I can say on that front.  Both the competence and fidelity of our military chain of command are at un-heard-of lows in recent years.  The military is becoming just one more aspect of Big Government which, if allowed to develop, will be used against the US citizenry. Thoughtful justification in favor of smacking the Mullahs around for waging war… Continue reading

EV Market to Take Another Hit

We can all see that EV prices new and used are going through the floor, but here’s a hot take which the below YouTuber sources to the Wall STreet Journal. The US Government has been applying a fanciful and entirely fraudulent multiplier to EV “mileage” equivalence figures.  This incentivizes carmakers to sell make and sell EVs via Al Gore’s carbon credit scam.  So Tesla (selling only EVs) gets a fat stack of carbon credits, which they sell for $2B annually (2023 Q3 annualized), and which other carmakers must purchase one way or another.  They have to buy enough to offset their gas motor sales minus their own EV sales, that is, sell EVs or buy credits, pal. But the mileage numbers have been officially inflated — by the… Continue reading

Some Horrific SQL

Yeah yeah, don’t carp to me about SQL.  I’ll have you know that the language is mathematically derived, and is the correct way to deal with data.  God Bless all those elementary school teachers who tried to impress upon us the importance of the intersection of the set of all apples and the set of all thing that Johnny possessed, as they were on to someting, but they didn’t understand it any more than we did, and it showed.  They had the teachers’ edition and we did not, and that was that. That nonsense of apples and Johnnies is a problem which still plagues database instruction to this day.  Do you know the name Alfreds Futterkiste?  I’ll stab that bastard if I ever see him.  I recently saw… Continue reading

The Federal Government is the Creation of the States

I’m just going to sprint through an argument I’ve made here and there for twenty years, and add a bit to the end.  but the bit at the end is that I support States’ Rights in the current border fiasco, despite being a staunch Union man regarding the OG Civil War. The federal government is a creature of, that is literally a thing created by, “the several States.”  The tool used to create the federal government is a document which literally constitutes (that’s a transitive verb) that body, and the document is called The United States Constitution. Said Constitution implements a structure in which to secure to ourselves and our posterity the benefits and station envisioned in the Declaration of Independence, and this Declaratiion is the light which… Continue reading

* We’re Up! But lots of maintenance going on… *

Not everything works right around here. Still, pretty happy with the blooming thing running at all with the neglect that this site has seen. So, a temporary maintenance post stuck to the top for a while. What works: User posts User comments Chat Not working (or not working right) Join (new account creation) — I have this suppressed.  Mail for a workaround. Rotating Tweets (over on the sidebar Twitter thing) — working on that. Forums.  After struggling to get these things self-regulating (I wanted to hand control of individual forums to the forum admins), the primary use case evaporated.  I got rid of the forums.  There are still some stumps poking up that I’m afraid to get rid of until the user perms and roles are solid (forums… Continue reading

Corrupt Seattle Makes Arranged $10M Payment to Brownshirt Black Lives Matter

Well, some phrase it different, but that’s how I read this headline: Seattle agrees to pay BLM protesters $10 million in lawsuit stemming from 2020 riots City of Seattle will pay $10 million to protesters who said police used excessive force during 2020 riots https://www.foxnews.com/us/seattle-agrees-pay-blm-protesters-million-lawsuit-stemming-2020-riots The article written for Fox News (gag) by “Stepheny” somebody also baldly states: “The riots, which were a result of the death of George Floyd in May 2020, led to the destruction of many local businesses, significant property damage, and even injury and death.” No, they were not “the result of” the overdose-induced assumption of room temperature by the violent criminal addict George Floyd, the same way that a sweeping curb on our liberties and vast economic mayhem were not caused by a… Continue reading