Weekend Reading: The Go-Getter

New on Fourmilab today (so new, in fact, it isn’t yet linked to the home or index pages) is a Web edition of Peter B. Kyne’s 1921 novelette (11,000 words, 62 print pages with reasonably large type) The Go-Getter.  Subtitled “A Story That Tells You How to be One” (capitalisation thus in the original), an inspiring and motivating tale of a person who approached any task he undertook with a spirit of “whatever it takes.” This work is in the public domain and available in text form from Project Gutenberg.  As with all of the books I make available on my site, a number of typographical and formatting errors have been corrected, and the typography has been updated to contemporary Web standards to be easier on the eye.  If… Continue reading

BDB has an Alexa Rank Now

http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/balldiamondball.com We have improved by 195,397 in the last three months. (Okay, so we started from “zero” but it still ain’t bad.) For those who don’t know this is an Amazon site that ranks Internet sites. The lower the number the better. High traffic sites are below 100.    

Hey Guys! Olive’s return AMA

I didn’t know everybody would be alerted to my signing up here! Thanks for the welcome, BDB, and everybody who commented. 10 Cents emailed me to let me know about this, the new place to waste time on the internet. Which is good, because I had become too conservative for Ricochet, and was just generally involved in other pursuits. Then I was a Twitter addict for awhile, but lately I had to quit that too, because some of the content is great but the feeds I was reading were on the nihilistic side, mixed with some total garbage. So I was quite without a place to interact online, until Dime helped me out. Your humble correspondent is originally from Dallas, as many of you know, but now I am on… Continue reading

Unnamed Wednesday 9pm EDT Conference Call

For our callers abroad, BDB reports that the local dial-in numbers can try to trick you into hanging up by prematurely and erroneously informing you that there are no other callers. Upon your entering the access code, the voice tells you there are no other callers even if there are. Then it asks you for the host code or to just hit #. Do the latter. US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see “BDB Chat” tab above] International Local Dial-in Numbers Corresponding to 515-604-9908 Albania +355 4 454 1702 Argentina +54 351 569-7183 Australia +61 2 8077 0505 Austria +43 1 2650524 Belgium +32 3 294 11 50 Brazil +55 11 3042-5274 Bulgaria +359 2 495 1701 Cambodia +855 96 696 7824 Chile +56 2 3210 9930 Colombia +57 6 7334210 Costa… Continue reading

Korea – Land of Opportunity

The Korean people have a long and distinguished history. They have battled their various neighbors for many years, suffering invasions from all about. One might think of them as the Balkan Peninsula of the East. The Korean “War” was started by Stalin, thinking the West was too war-weary to fight and so presenting a perfect opportunity for expansion. Much to his surprise, Truman fought. Much to a lot of Americans’ surprise, America was again at war. In SO many ways Korea is truly “the forgotten war”. We vets of Vietnam were abused by the Left (our current elite leadership). Korean vets were simply forgotten. No one speaks much of the war, of the sacrifices, of the bravery. One of the best battle books, and I am a great… Continue reading