Euphoria, Depression, Apathy, …

At the beginning of this election cycle there was a general sense of “good things are coming”. Perhaps it was merely a tiredness with Obama and his socialist ideological combat. Perhaps it was a sense that now we just might have a chance to grow the economy and get an overall better standard of living. Perhaps it was the rather large contingent of young politicians who were vying for the brass ring. The party has dragged on. Jeb attempted to pre-empt the others with money, an old establishment trick, and Bushes are nothing if not establishment. So if you can just collect an apparently insurmountable pile of cash, you will win. Didn’t work that way. The younger crowd wasn’t so impressed with the cash, and Jeb’s overall lack… Continue reading


It has been topsy-turvy around here, including an unexpected reassignment in one of my lines of employment, some crucial deadlines being miracles off of me, and not least, a collapse in my email and hosting.  Long story, basically my fault, but they don’t make it easy.  My other site was offline, and all email sent to me beginning 01FEB has simply been dropped, not delivered.  I hope fail notices went out — I have no way to know. Anyway, going skiing this weekend.  I’ll post pics!