Feedback on — and Structure for — the Inevitable, Implacable Phone Call

Join us on our next voyage to the Village of the Darned by selecting a headline, preferably something you can link, and be prepared* to lead the conversation on your chosen topic. With this crowd, any topic is on-topic at least once, so you don’t have to cater to anybody’s wishes. Also, how many folks would be able to either A) follow along in chat as we pass the “talking stick” around, r B) follow along on something like Google Docs for a cheap (free) online collaborative thingy.  If you’re just phoning in from a landline with no PC, or a cellphone while driving, of course, that doesn’t quite support it. One of the great things about the phone call is that it’s a free-for-all among friends  That’s also… Continue reading

McEnroe Test

John McEnroe got into trouble for not calling Serena Williams the best tennis player in the world. He called her the best female tennis player but that was not enough for NPR. I am for equality. Let the women become part of the men’s league. Tennis and golf are great sports to try this experiment.

The Root of All Evil

I was listening to Dinesh D’Souza responding to someone when he broke down that the left’s main binding force is economics. Their belief always comes down to money. They love the stuff. They believe if you spread it around you will solve problems. On the surface this seems plausible. With things money is a magical panacea. You lose a car. Money can get you a new car. You need to build a bridge. Money will get that bridge built. Unfortunately people are not cars or bridges. With people it takes more than money. In fact with certain people money can be like leprosy. Leprosy as I understand it causes such problems because it takes the pain away that keeps us out of trouble. People injure themselves without knowing… Continue reading

Vaya Con Dios, Ladies

I am not Catholic. I am not Christian. I am not a lady, and I am not dressed in white. I am a free person who identifies fully with the people held in bondage by Barack Obama’s communist friends. Obama made nice with the horrific Castro regime, when he should have challenged it for the sake of people such as these brave souls pictured here. But these people making themselves free, even for a limited time, are not who Obama identifies with. He remains an unreconstructed progressive, more in favor of dictating to people than freeing them. From 2009, when Iranians died in the streets with America’s name on their lips, to the closing days of the Usurper horror, when the Castro dictatorial regime was rescued over… Continue reading

Unnamed Wednesday 9pm Eastern Time Conference Call

It’s that time of the week again, when we connect for another town hall meeting in the Village of the Darned. If the software tells you that you’re the only caller, don’t you believe it! Press on with the access code and you’ll probably find us in there! US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see chat in “BDB Chat” tab above] International Local Dial-in Numbers Albania +355 4 454 1702 Argentina +54 351 569-7183 Australia +61 2 8077 0505

A Moment of Reflection at 100 Degrees

My older brother has arrived for a visit. He is my senior by seven years and is well into his retirement on two pensions and a lot of friends. We are a contrast to many.  He never left home, just ending a two decades stint of caregiving and running the household for my mother and then our sister, who just passed a few months ago. He is respected in his community, the go to guy for car and household repair, active in the church and other community organizations. I left home at 17 and never really came back except for visits. I married , he did not. I travelled the world, survived some serious near misses , did the corporate thing, met the celebrities of our time ,… Continue reading

This Week’s Re-review – Lone Star Navy

I write a weekly book review for the Daily News of Galveston County. It is not the biggest newspaper in Texas, but it is the oldest. I have been doing this for over a decade. In 2006 two books came out at separate times about the Texas Navy. Although you may never have heard of the Texas Navy, it was important both to the survival of Texas as a republic, and as a result to the history of the United States. I reviewed both. I am reprinting the first one this week, and will do the other next week. Nonfiction work full of unbelievable stories By Mark Lardas The Daily News Published April 30, 2006 You may have never heard of the Texas Navy. Maybe you thought it… Continue reading