Curmudgeon Mumbles

The dust is settling. North Korea is still a problem, but we are putting real pressure on them. The GOPe owns the Obamacare failure. Puerto Rico needs help so badly their Democrat Governor refuses to play racism nonsense and praises the aid measure. The NFL players and Owners just got a lesson in the dangers of bubblevision. Even the Editor in Chief at NRO is chastising the kneejerk reflex NeverRights on his payroll. The congress now has to deliver something of significance and Tax Reform is teed up. Ever since the stars fell on Alabama (ten points for the pop culture ref) it seems we are moving forward. Not a bad Friday so far…

Shoddy Service to Resume Shortly

Some of you may have noticed a marked improvement in the quality and quantity of posts and phone calls around here.  Well, I’ve been busy.  But I wrote next month’s schedule, and I’ll be available during decent hours once more.  So the usual slipshod standards will return, and things will feel a bit more like home around here.  Like somebody else’s home.  With dirty laundry on the sofa.

Town Hall Meeting in the Village of the Darned — __ PM Eastern Wednesday

It’s that time of the week again, when we connect for another town hall meeting in the Village of the Darned. BDB will edit this post if he can make it earlier than the normal 9pm or Dime will post a comment. Jam a topic in the comments below and let people read up if you like.  Examples include suggestions for un-PC reasons some NFL player should try a protest and see how long it takes him to get cut. If the software tells you that you’re the only caller, don’t you believe it! Press on with the access code and you’ll probably find us in there! US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see chat in “BDB Chat” tab above] International Local Dial-in Numbers Albania +355 4 454 1702 Argentina +54 351… Continue reading

Protesting The Flag

I have been watching the events of the weekend and the fallout since. I am fascinated. The Left is furious! They are fervently trying to argue 1A rights when the rest of the nation is trashing their behavior. This is not a legal fight. This is a behavioral fight. A solid society generally polices its members via social stigmata. The Left has been good with this in the past, with things like white guilt, fairness, etc. Suddenly they are getting a dose of their own. Notice that everywhere they are feverishly trying to deflect the argument. “It’s not about the country; it’s about injustice.” But the argument is failing, as it is obviously about the country. And the cracks are starting to show. More boos. More vociferous support… Continue reading

On the Re-Election of President Obama, November 7, 2012

I wrote this in a Facebook Post (the still-hidden Ball Diamond Ball FB group) when it was clear that we had lost in 2012.  I felt then, and had said several times, that an Obama re-election would be a point of no return for the country.  I still believe that it is true — we will never recover the Constitutional functioning of our Republic — all that is left is to muddle forward and find a way to re-instill some small portion of what has been lost.  We are in the business of defensive fortifications, which is never a good place to be.  We have been Fundamentally Transformed, as promised, as voted, as delivered. Upon Obama’s re-election, I developed chest pains and began having anxiety attacks any time… Continue reading

Retro-Computing: How I Spent My Week-End

Since 1980, I’ve been the keeper of a floating point benchmark which measures the performance of various computer systems and languages on a problem which, when it was originally defined in the 1930s, took days of manual computation.  This benchmark, which might otherwise be considered eccentric, was found, in the 1980s, to be inordinately accurate in predicting the performance of AutoCAD on a particular computing platform, and hence a guide to which ones we should prioritise in our efforts to support. This week-end, I ported the benchmark to a language I’d last used more than thirty years ago, PL/I, then for the first version of AutoCAD,  The whole story is here.  It’s just too painful to port tables and other structured data to reproduce them here, but here’s… Continue reading

Trump Right to Defend Anthem, Flag

The President is right to knock those who disparage our anthem or flag.  The so-called sports protests are not protests about sports, but about America.  The only role of sports in the protest is to give a bunch of un-educated ball hustlers a national microphone with which to attack the nation. Trump has a duty to make the argument, to express his thorough disapproval of these actions, and to urge sanctions against those who make millions in a country they cannot abide.  The people who run the NFL in particular, and a bunch of other outlets, had a magnificent chance to defend this country when under attack from within — they did not. Don’t tell me how you support the troops, NFL.  Your cutesy rah-rah spots on the… Continue reading

Basal Ganglia, PTSD

I wonder how much of the disorientation aspect of PTSD is the result of the packaged habit behavior delegated to the basal ganglia being wiped out in an environment which does not reinforce it? Veterans returning from the war will become overwhelmed at having too many choices of peanut butter. They can just about forget how to walk in a crowd of people whose recognition signs [Hello, I am a person — I see and acknowledge that you are a person as well] are all different from his. He is not a person and gets his ass kicked by peanut butter. The internal autopilot that drives you to work in the morning is the result of habits. The human brain packages groups of related actions into clusters, so… Continue reading

Reflections On Alabama

If you have not seen the video of POTUS in Alabama, I recommend it. We have seen the great communicator, we have see oratory and I feel your pain. We now have a POTUS who says what is on his mind, has the attitude you get when you get past sixty and is not afraid to show honest feelings. He actually said that the team owners in the NFL should “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. He’s Fired!” when players take a knee during the National anthem. He called Kin Jon Un “Little Rocket Man” He called out the GOP Senate as the main roadblock to achieving things for the country. It went on for over an hour, and what was communicated was sincerity… Continue reading