Guns Along the Potomic

Among my friends I am somewhat known for “radical” views. I tend to believe that the states should not be allowed to license anything. Contrary to the BS statement of states, driving is NOT a “privilege” but the right to move about the nation as one sees fit. We don’t need state licenses to know how to drive, etc. I can envision a process wherein you take a driver’s license test – once. And get issued a license, which is valid forever and an insurance company can use, among other things, to know that you have shown proficiency in some of the basic driving skills. There are others – driving school diploma, competition license, etc. The point is that we need liberty – which is basically the freedom… Continue reading

Jews Here and There

Daniel Greenfield in his blog, Sultan Knish, speaks to the difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews. It is an interesting piece and brings out the fact that Israel is wholeheartedly behind Trump, but New York Jewry is against him.

Hold On Tight

I am moving to Bluehost.  This blog and (hopefully) everything in it.  The move should be transparent, but it will probably be a disaster. You brave souls with the trauma of Anything2.0 deserve better — well, you’ll probably get much worse. I am so furious at Yahoo hosting and email and all the rest of it that I will simply rip the band-aid off.   Here we go…