Saving Europe

Over at Sultan Knish ( Greenfield is noting that Europe is making a serious attempt to die. All the muslim “migrants” are killing their welfare state, so that even Denmark and the Dutch are making changes in how they do things. Perhaps they will restrict the number of muslims that come in. Perhaps not. But the more interesting question may well be, ?is Europe worth saving. Europe certainly has been the center of much of the development of Western Civilization. But while one can make a very good argument that the Crusades saved Europe from a muslim fate back then – and just barely so – today the Europe we see isn’t much to talk about. The nations all have some socialist tyranny in place, the degree varying… Continue reading

Peak Trump! Just Kidding

So I called Peak Trump a few week ago, said he would be struggling for second by now.  WRONG.  Since then, the race has appeared almost frozen, with only three movers: Fiorina and Bush have faded, while Carson has picked up steam, edging toward 20% in the average of polls.  The Democrats have all the action right now, but when it’s media apparatchik action, it doesn’t work so well for them, as their swarm attack on Carson is just giving him an opportunity to shine.  So they can have their Sanders and Clinton debacle, and the GOP field is sitting pretty.  I cannot wait until one of our clowns gets to take apart theirs.