Were these tears of joy or sorrow?

Hi all, I hope everybody is having a fantastic summer. I came across this video just a little while ago, and it occured to me to ask for your feedback. In particular, if there is a shrink in the house that would be fantastic. Here is my question: is this little boy crying tears of joy or tears of sorrow? He sure doesn’t look happy to me. Everybody and their dog is saying how great this is, but he just doesn’t look happy to me at all. He’s almost sobbing, isn’t he? What do you think? WATCH: "Don't cry!" Adorable moment as Marine's 4-year-old son tearfully hugs his new stepmom during wedding vows: https://t.co/jGJ0mffCP5 pic.twitter.com/h5qPSMfncs — Good Morning America (@GMA) July 23, 2017  

Being raised vs. growing up

Wednesday night on the AMU, the conversation turned to a certain individual. We had some discussion about this person, and I wanted to share something here that is relevant. It is something I’ve pondered before, and I think it applies in the particular case we discussed. I think it applies in my own case, to be perfectly honest. There is a difference between being raised and growing up. It is possible to grow up without being raised. For example, there is a spectrum between being well raised and being feral. Now, I am not suggesting that this person or myself is feral, lol. But I do think we fall somewhere on the spectrum below the “well raised” end. I don’t mean to suggest that “not well raised” equals “rude.”… Continue reading

Tiffany Trump: how much will we see her?

Hi all! I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I had a fun time in Las Vegas with my mom and other family members, including my beautiful granddaughter. OK so I assume you all know who I am. And so you all know my history of arguing about the importance of marriage and the family structure. So let me apply some of that to the Trump family. I have made a prediction about Tiffany Trump to myself, and I thought I’d share it with you here. I silently predicted a while ago that we would see much less of her than the other children. I know that she gave the RNC speech, but we haven’t seen much else of her, certainly not as much as the others…. Continue reading