?Where Are We Now

Seems new data is cropping up that is inimical to the democrat position. The concept of “collusion” seems to have been replaced by “corruption”, “Conspiracy”, and “Cover Up”. It seems pretty clear that the FISA court was used to spy upon the Trump campaign. It also seems pretty clear that the top people in the Obama administration were tightly involved . Now it seems the lead “investigator” in Mueller’s team had been continuously updated on the discredited Steele dossier and was well aware of its falsehood. ?Where does this leave Mueller.

Another Judge

Seems the retirement of Kennedy has sent the Left into unimaginable spasms. Once again we hear all the dire predictions of the demise of Roe v Wade, a precedent whose demise is long overdue. But despite all the wailing and moaning, I rather doubt that it will fall. It WILL be modified, though. Graham has a bill before the Congress redefining the government’s interest in protecting life from 18 weeks I believe. It’s about time. I am hoping Amy Comey is selected, if for no other reason than she’s 46. That gives her a LONG run on the court. Nothing like messing with the Left. And while Ginsburg could croak at any moment, let’s not forget that Allito and Thomas are getting up there in age also. And… Continue reading

Guns Along the Potomic

Among my friends I am somewhat known for “radical” views. I tend to believe that the states should not be allowed to license anything. Contrary to the BS statement of states, driving is NOT a “privilege” but the right to move about the nation as one sees fit. We don’t need state licenses to know how to drive, etc. I can envision a process wherein you take a driver’s license test – once. And get issued a license, which is valid forever and an insurance company can use, among other things, to know that you have shown proficiency in some of the basic driving skills. There are others – driving school diploma, competition license, etc. The point is that we need liberty – which is basically the freedom… Continue reading

Jews Here and There

Daniel Greenfield in his blog, Sultan Knish, speaks to the difference between Israeli Jews and American Jews. It is an interesting piece and brings out the fact that Israel is wholeheartedly behind Trump, but New York Jewry is against him. http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/

Another Good Read

Some of you have heard Brent & I speak well of Mark David Ledbetter’s history series, America’s Forgotten History. MDL tries to show that America’s originating spirit was very much libertarian, and that despite corruption, the nation mostly stuck with this – until about the end of the 19th century, with the rise of “progressivism”. MDL’s latest offerings are an introduction to his 4th volume in the history series, and a stand-alone look at the two defining revolutions of the Western World – the. American and the French. He goes into how these two were different, especially the French, and how events supported one or the other. The name of the stand-alone is Dancing on The Edge of the Widening Gyre. I think you will like it.

The Cost of Illegals

From American Greatness. Outside the Defensible Perimeter By Karin McQuillan| May 18th, 2018 FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+EmailPinterestPocketWhatsApp Print Friendly, PDF & Email Five years ago, my husband and I bought a house in the emptiest county in America. We went there because the night sky is so dark, you can walk in the high desert by starlight and cast a shadow, so dark you can see distant galaxies and the zodiacal light. Three types of people live in our rural area: amateur astronomers, ranchers, and illegal aliens. If you climb the mountains behind our house and look south, you look into Mexico. If you climb those mountains to the top, you are on one of the major drug trafficking routes into America. If you stay in the desert at the foot… Continue reading

Women in Combat

I am sure everyone here is well aware of the bruhaha that the last SecNav caused by embracing the women in the infantry concept. You are all also probably aware that the Marine Corps resisted strongly. Their data, which they collected over about 18 months, was obviously dismissed as sexist. Yet it showed rather well that women do NOT mix into infantry units well, that such units’ performance is degraded, and that women in infantry units suffer WAY more injuries and more serious issues than men. This is not surprising. Women, at least to the thinking population, are different than men; the crazies don’t seem to recognize this. Women are simply built physically differently. They have less skeletal muscle, less upper body strength, less weight bearing ability. They… Continue reading