Just another 5%

All he needs is another 5% Our talking heads, our leftist twits , our progressive finger waggers are all having an aneurism because they were EXPECTING TRUMP TO MODERATE AND DO THINGS THAT PLEASED THEM. I wonder where they got this idea, other than it just was one of those things they just assumed they were entitled to, like respect and deference. I have written before about the ‘dense pack’ tactic Trump is throwing at the entire DC establishment. He is going to drop at least two outrages a day , every day, and three on Sunday. Media combat tactics, if the media cannot mount an effective outrage campaign because the next outrage just occurred as “Breaking News” it is the equivalent of blinding their offence. So sit… Continue reading

No Wartime Consigliere

“The Establishment” is an ephemeral term we, especially me, have used to described the entrenched political class bureaucracy: elected, appointed, and otherwise in Washington DC. I respect in elections past there was room for reasoned debate about the existence and influence of said establishment. However, since January 20th all debate is moot as the forces arrayed against those who propelled Donald Trump to the presidency have cast off their masks and revealed their agenda(s). The foot dragging of a majority Republican Senate in confirming the President’s reasonable cabinet officers, stalling repeal of the ACA, and now silence while an Obama flunky attorney foments a Constitutional crisis is beyond reproach. Consistent with what we have endured since handing Senatorial power to the feckless Republicans again we are fed excuses… Continue reading

Inaugural Blues

I regret that I will be on able to watch the inauguration due to my work schedule. This is a remarkable, given that I write the schedule around here. Well, work gets what it wants. Meanwhile, I now I have a spare bottle of champagne for sometime, oh, say after the inauguration. Enjoy a toast and I will certainly reciprocate from here!

The New Lone Ranger

If you are anywhere near my age, you cannot hear the 1812 Overture without visions of the masked rider on that great white horse, bringing justice across the wild west. Accompanied by his Indian friend and armed with silver bullets mined from a secret mine (I wonder just how he replenished his supply after a gunfight) he came to the aid of those unable to help themselves. We can argue whether this was actually vigilante action or justice, but for a young boy, it was a great show.How could a young boy resist the white hat, the guns that never ran out of ammo, that huge stallion! The 9P Eastern/8P Central slot weekdays on FNN has been held by the hottie, Megyn Kelly. Armed with a great bod,… Continue reading

Meet Jamey O’D

Jamey is a friend of mine from back when on Facebook, in the Gingrich and Tea Party wars of 2012. He’s going to the Inauguration.  His son is an Eagle Scout! Jamey is our kind of people.  He is prone to use recon by fire the way I do, so watch out when the boom starts swinging.   Welcome, Jamey!

Metcalfe’s Law

Metcalfe’s Law is a concept used in computer networks and telecommunications to represent the value of a network. Metcalfe’s Law states that a network’s impact is the square of the number of nodes in the network. For example, if a network has 10 nodes, its inherent value is 100 (10 * 10). The end nodes can be computers, servers and/or connecting users. So, get with it people.


Shocked that various Republicans can’t won’t whatever see their way to drowning ObamaCare in a bathtub. You don’t plan a replacement before you put out a house fire. You just put out the fire. But some people just want to see things burn.

Bend Over, Here It Comes!

A casual reading of political press this young year reveals a clear truth that previously was known to a select few wise seers, such as the author, and our assembled crew here at the last outpost on the right: Majority Republicans absent possibly Ted Cruz have no intention of repealing Obamacare; they merely wish to pull its levers of economic distortion for their benefactors. Obamacare memorializes that healthcare is a ‘right’. Further, it memorializes that another person’s ‘right’ to healthcare and the ‘right’ of healthcare providers to be paid fee for service supersedes an individual’s right to his/her personal property. This is a logical extension of medicaid, WIC, SNAP, and all other forms of federal government wealth transfer that I do not think will be undone absent a financial and/or civil crisis…. Continue reading

Gaining Attitude, Ready to Cruise

As we end the year it seems that many are anticipating great change in the future. I hear optimistic notes in voices about next year and beyond. I just finished a deal for replacing a pickup truck fleet for a client. They let the current trucks run until the wheels were falling off as they were unclear if they even had a business future. As I sit here typing, I await a phone call from the owner to let me know he is ready to sign the credit app , the first money he has borrowed since we took him through chapter 11 six years ago. He is out playing golf to get some in before the deep freeze rolls in next week. Another group is building apartments… Continue reading