Iran and the Establishment

Daniel Greenfield over at Sultan Knish blog has put up an interesting review of the Jewish actions in America over the last century. He draws parallels to what is happening today vis a vis Iran and the bomb. His closing remarks are: The establishment will not stand up to Obama, just like it didn’t stand up to FDR. The real action will come from ad-hoc coalitions, like the one behind the Stop Iran Rally, that throw things together. And it will come from a handful of kids somewhat that do what the adults aren’t doing. Bergson was in his early twenties when he began his activism. Dennis Prager was in his early twenties when he began working as the national spokesman for Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry. Where… Continue reading

Clint Eastwood & social class

I’ve been writing over at Ricochet about how social class has emerged in the work of the most successful contriver of popular spectacles, Marvel / Disney, who is never suspected of peddling anything but mindless fun. I am not really surprised at this development: Heroes in America tend to emerge in stories about protection–about caring for those in need who are otherwise neglected–& this then lends itself to teach conservatives the future of conservatism. The middle class has no winning arguments, it would seem, but the obvious winning argument is protection. Let me turn to my new Ricochet post–something I have been considering lately about Mr. Clint Eastwood’s movies. I want to tell you a bit about what to look for in his movies, in case you are & or… Continue reading

Two for the road

I promised Nanda I’d write about this film, but I’m not sure I’m grateful for her recommendation! It’s fun at times & interesting at times, but once it’s done, is it anything to write home about? So I do not feel sure I can take responsibility for urging you on to read–I’ll try to make it worth your while. There’s much to recommend it–Stanley Donen produced & directed, & he’s really good–then, too, the stars are good, Audrey Hepburn & Albert Finney, who is manly & handsome by turns. Wickedly handsome, I guess. & if you have a kind of romantic fancy, the score by Henry Mancini will take you over. But is the story worth the telling? Two young people, Mark & Joanne, fall in love, end up married… Continue reading

Time Warp: GOP Equates Tea Party With Occupy

Originally published “elsewhere”, October 20, 2011: God-Damned Idiots. I cannot describe how angry I am at the clown-car Republican candidate debates, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, the punditry, the establishment–yep, pretty much the whole lot of ’em. I have always been hostile to a third-party gambit; I still am.  But the GOP seems hell-bent to have one.  Ever since the Tea Party behaved magnificently and returned the GOP to power in an historic crushing mid-term defeat of the Communists currently defiling our Capitol, the GOP has been absolutely set on destroying the morale of the organization which restored the spirit of the Republican Party.  Well, it’s not going to work. If the RINOs insist on sabotaging the work of the Tea Party *to elect Republicans*, they will harm only… Continue reading


Hello, everyone, I’m sorry I have not written anything in a while. I’ve been down with a cold–right after nursing my young miss, who’d caught a cold in sweltering, stifling July!–& I’ve been working on something new–a poetry podcast with a Texan friend. Maybe we’ll have guests in the future–we have some friends who like to reflect on poetry. I hope we’ll enjoy the great success than can reasonably be expected of poetry talk… We’re dealing with short modern poems for now. If you have a taste for modern poems (Polish poems, in translation, for now), you might take a listen. Now, back to movie talk. I’ve been doing two kinds of things. One is, write on Hitchcock movies. If any of you like any of these movies, I’d… Continue reading

Adapting to Life

I am a kind of gunslinger, traveling for work to where I am needed. I work busy ED’s so the usual length of a “contract” is about a year. This one here in Evansville has been most unusual in that I have been working here for about 4 years, way longer than locums stints go. I generally work 3-4 days in a row, then go home for a “rest”. Sometimes it amounts to merely washing dirty clothes and repacking by bag with clean stuff, getting to play ball with the dog a bit, and a dinner or two with my wife. Now that I am an official “old guy” I try to only work about 10 shifts per month. That usually translates into about 13-14 days away from… Continue reading

We The Nothing

Of the nothing, in order to form nothing, to establish, insure and provide nothing, and so forth. The Constitution is dead. It has been rendered obsolete as surely as the tactical scramble replaced marching and shooting in line abreast, as the aircraft carrier sealed the fate of the battleship, as steam did for sail. And. So. Forth.

Upgrading the MacBook Pro

I have a marvelous late 2008 “Unibody” MacBook Pro 15 which has fallen into disuse.  Problem is, it was the hub of my Apple Universe.  It only had a 256GB hard drive, so I offloaded its iTunes library to a network drive, which I never quite got running the way I wanted.  The goal was to be able to use any sort of media procuring activity to drop files into a folder that would be monitored by iTunes on the MBP (MacBook Pro) for automatic addition to iTunes.  Any device that I wanted to use to “consume” media would use the iTunes server built into the network hard drive.  This is such a great idea that there should be a patent in it somewhere.  Or maybe it’s not… Continue reading