Mumblings on The Week of Anti Climax

Another chapter in the saga and the caravan moves on. The true enemy in the way of rebuilding America is now known and has shown who they are. For eight months the Media, the Deep state , the Judiciary and the Globalist funders have tried to get a killshot on the threat. They know  as the economy surges with low energy prices, manufacturing returns and small business invests in growth the inexorable boom will become harder to ignore. The source of revenue for Russia, Iran and other bad actors will continue to dry up. With just determined changes to the Rules of Engagement on the US Border and against ISIS, the effects will be profound. Meanwhile, the Globalists continue to choose the Government run healthcare hill to die… Continue reading

Right Angles, Foreign Correspondent, Reporting From Iraq!

Dateline: Somewhere in the Desert Private Kenny Schnozzola is one happy soldier. In an interview with this reporter, he says, “Joining the army was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was born with my dad’s big nose. I mean it was a real honker. But all my life, I’d identified as Rob Lowe. I confessed this to my C.O. and was able to put in for a nose job paid for by the military. Now I can live the life I was always meant to live. The life of a handsome man with a small nose. Thanks, Military!” Add Private Schnozzola to the legions of heretofore unhappy soldiers who were women trapped in a man’s body but who now, thanks to the U.S. Military, can… Continue reading

Another Blow to the Left

I understand Pres Trump announced via twitter that transgender will no longer be allowed to serve in the services. I am especially glad to see some semblance of sanity return to the Armed Services. Mental illness has always been a disqualifying aspect of serving, and this should be no different. I believe there are definitely people who should not serve in the services. They are not “bad” people but unable to accept the kind of physical and psychological rigor one needs to serve in combat. And let’s face it – that is the ultimate purpose of all the military. They may not be IN combat 24/7, but they COULD be. Their job description is breaking things and killing people. If you are too confused in your head to… Continue reading

Topic for discussion in the Village of the Darned

I’ve been reading Nassim Taleb’s(Black Swan guy) books lately, as well as some of the work of Kahneman & Tversky (behavioral economics guys). They have lots of interesting ideas that apply to economics but also more broadly to all interactions among humans, including politics. Here’s an outline of the two related topics I wanted to talk about and get everyone’s thoughts: Assumption of rational actors (Nassim Taleb) predictability/chaos mathematical tractability game theory (ludic fallacy) Intuitive vs. rational thinking (Daniel Kahneman) heuristics (System 1) reasoning (System 2)   Please see comment below for a discussion of the figures. Linear plot: Log plot:

Daily Irony Intake

A very ironic start to my day: Hi TKC1101! Just a reminder that your account access will expire: July 31, 2017 11:00 pm PDT. Please sign in if you’d like to renew: You’ll see a red banner at the top of the site telling you your account will expire soon. Click on it to renew. If you have any trouble, please contact us. Best Regards, Ricochet When I follow the link, I get Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /login/ on this server. I see the finely bred true conservatives in the old neighborhood are still the same as ever. I defer to Groucho Marx on club membership.

Unnamed Wednesday 9pm Eastern Time Conference Call

It’s that time of the week again, when we connect for another town hall meeting in the Village of the Darned. Thank you ctlaw for hosting and administering this call for us! Admin BDB still wants somebody, multiple somebodies, or multiple nobodies out there to volunteer to speak on interesting subjects. If the software tells you that you’re the only caller, don’t you believe it! Press on with the access code and you’ll probably find us in there! US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see chat in “BDB Chat” tab above] International Local Dial-in Numbers Albania +355 4 454 1702 Argentina +54 351 569-7183 Australia +61 2 8077 0505 Austria +43 1 2650524 Belgium +32 3 294 11 50 Brazil +55 11 3042-5274 Bulgaria +359 2 495 1701 Cambodia +855 96 696 7824… Continue reading