A weekend in Seattle with the conservative elite.

I spent Saturday enjoying the company of my Daughter, Son In Law and my three grand daughters on a drive through Whidbey Island north of their home. We all respected the truce over the schism in the family between the rabble and the elites. Son In Law is neutral, but Daughter, Scientist by day and writer for conservative publications by night has been flummoxed by the wrongness of the predictions by her colleagues on the Trump phenomenon. I feel her pain, the world she was learning may be a Titanic, and dear old Dad is rooting for the icebergs. We kept it civil , but the Brexit events just had to be mentioned. It is going to be a long slog. I came home and doubled down on… Continue reading

Marine Corps Votes To Leave Navy

http://www.duffelblog.com/2016/06/semperfuxit/ SemperFuxit: Marine Corps votes to exit Dept. of the Navy QUANTICO, Va. — In a move military analysts call “simply stunning,” the Marine Corps voted in a referendum Friday to leave the Department of the Navy, forming a separate branch tentatively named Men’s Department of the Navy. Defense contractor stocks closed sharply down in the wake of the historic vote. The results were close, with 51.9 percent voting to leave and 48.1 percent voting to remain. Exit polling data showed the vote split along demographic lines with a slight majority of officers and all Marines from Texas voting to leave. More enlisted favored remaining, especially those with four or more dependents. The hotly contested vote over what became known as “SemperFuxit” followed months of debate and campaigning… Continue reading