Redirection Loop Fixed…

Sorry for the trouble — got it nailed.  I finally rolled back all sorts of changes, disabled all plugins, and set permalinks back to the original WordPress 1.0 default style.  Given the nature of caching and cookies, I’m not sure which step along the way actually fixed the problem (dump cookies if you still see the problem and LET ME KNOW). I’ll leave permalinks alone (it took down my old blog years ago, which really broke my back as a blogger), and work on bringing plugins back online one at a time.  SO if you see the problem again, it should be a VERY short-lived issue, and LET ME KNOW.

Sure Is Hot Over There!

Man, it’s hot over at Ricochet.  Feel free to cool off over here.  TO WHIT — if you’d like to have a discussion about that but not in the middle of all that, I offer the living  room here. I’ve been a good netizen, not poaching, but I don’t think there’s any problem with picking up strays.  And aren’t we all in that category?

How to Run in 2016

We will now be bombarded with messages of hatred and bile, condescension and clucking by our betters in the beltway media. “How can X candidate even consider running? Why, she’s never even been a Senator/Professor/Community Organizer!?” The way for any Tea Party candidate to run in 2016 is to absolutely own the experience argument. Experience in DC is bad. People who have experience are bad. DC is bad. “I am not going to Washington, D.C. because I like the smell,” said presidential hopeful T. P. Victory, holding a toilet plunger aloft like a saber and rattling it menacingly toward the east coast. “I am going there to do a job that we’re all familiar with, and none of us particularly wants to do. But of the folks we… Continue reading

Constitutional Amendments

I am a big fan of Mark Levin, and in particular of his The Liberty Amendments. I don’t suppose I’m one to do better than he has, so I should refresh myself as to what is in the set he proposes and what is not. Just the same, I would like very much to see some limitations imposed from the Constitution side against the American voters. not because I like this idea very much, but because when push comes to shove, I must not let perfect be the enemy of good. This is how we get Fausted, yes, but there are principles and then there are Principles. [mantra-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”]excludes any current or former spouse, sibling, parent or child of an office holder[/mantra-pullquote]I would support an amendment… Continue reading


In the face of amazing prosperity, we hear that minorities and such are worse off than ever before. Since the professional worriers cannot stand on absolutes, they retreat to the relative differences of “inequality”. But what if the typical measurements of inequality are also caught up in prosperity? As even the poorest of American poor tend to live better than the middle class of a hundred years ago or even in the majority of the world today, it seems incongruous that American poor have it so bad. Is inequality really so out of hand that this is unbearable? Perhaps the problem is one of measurement. [mantra-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”]Are current measures of inequality based on things which mask the effects of prosperity?[/mantra-pullquote] Are current measures of inequality based… Continue reading