Interlude — Star Wars Sucks

The last time you saw a conservative movie was probably Iron Man, and before that, The Incredibles.  In Iron Man, Tony Stark, Billionaire Playboy, debated and demonstrated the role of private industry and its responsibility to its country and its people.  With great power comes great responsibility.  This thesis was ignored in the second movie, and thoroughly countered in the third movie, which is why it was all special effects and nineteen Iron Men.  The plot had fallen apart, the moral argument abandoned, and Hey look — another explosion! Everybody hates Star Wars, but especially conservatives.  George Lucas is feeling the lash by now, with characters he worked hard to create (and destroy) simply being written out of storylines so that newly-minted girl power nobodies can carry the… Continue reading

Chappaquiddick Film in April

So this film, Chappaquiddick, will open in April of this year.  As noted in a well-considered write-up at, the film is the original #MeToo story — and it has never been told. I look forward to this film, and will actually watch it as soon as I can.  This from a guy who basically watches old movies I like, because the new ones are all crap. Harrumph.

On Main street, that great street, I just want to say, They do things they don’t do on Broadway

Another report from the deplorable economy. I saw an excavator dig out of Chapter 11 with a half million dollar contract… Two small firms were hiring last year at 14.00 an hour for entry trainees are now upping the wage to 19.00 just to get applicants. Paydays are the day of smiles as checks get handed out and the amount that surprised earlier in the month is still there. One business had me license them to work in the neighboring state. The Department of labor there was telling me they used to have one applicant a week from the neighboring state, it is now four or five a day. A metals fab shop is putting a third shift on their laser lathe. All for work that is coming… Continue reading

Domestic Enemies

Here’s a clear example of a Domestic Enemy. One of the groups demanding the statue’s removal is the Humboldt State University student group, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanco de Aztlan, whatever that means. I’ll tell you what that means, Mark Steyn — it means Death to America.  We used to illustrate a point about Israel by thinking about America as if Gaza were Mexico.  And now it is. In the eyes of the Calistinians, Israel has no right to exist just as America has no right to exist.  In other news from another front, one of our governmental bodies has finally decided that China is playing to defeat us, not for parity. FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a dire warning about China’s growing influence during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing… Continue reading

Christians Call Jews “Nazis”. In Jerusalem.

Well, it must be pretty horrific for this to be true: The Christian leaders responsible for the site issued a joint statement bemoaning what they called a “systematic campaign of abuse” against them, comparing it to anti-Jewish laws issued in Nazi Germany. And what is the unspeakable horror visited on these Christians?  Apparently, their church (not just any church) is being asked to pay taxes on its many non-religious business holdings, including hotels, “halls”, and a booming business in lease operations and real estate sales. I wouldn’t care so much if this were just a struggle over taxes.  After all, I do not know thing one about the Israeli Constitution, and do not know what freedoms may be enshrined there.   But for these church leaders to call Israeli… Continue reading

Town Hall Meeting in the Village of the Darned – Wednesday 730pm EST

It’s that time of the week again, when we connect for another town hall meeting in the Village of the Darned.  We will try to start off @ 730PM unless someone posts an earlier time. Jam a topic in the comments below and let people read up if you like. If the software tells you that you’re the only caller, don’t you believe it!  Press on with the access code and you’ll probably find us in there! US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see chat in “BDB Chat” tab above] Select International Local Dial-in Numbers Japan +81 3-5050-5104 Switzerland +41 43 550 70 62 United Kingdom +44 330 998 1256 If you need a different number (calling from Uzbekistan, say), let us know in the BDB Chat.

Criminal Negligence

I am still fuming over the nonsense spewing from all sides in the recent school shooting incident. Once more, our political class falls all over themselves in positioning to do nothing. We send our kids into unsecure, unprotected open shooting galleries and demand useless things when it occurs over and over. When all of these people were afraid of highjackers killing them, they demanded armed air marshals on planes. They demand their money is protected by armed guards. They want armed police to respond to a threat of violence in their home. Yet they send their kids to an unsecure building where no one there can respond to an assailant armed with minimal weaponry. It’s as if the children were expendable to make a political point. Oh wait…… Continue reading