Town Hall Meeting in the Village of the Darned – Wednesday 700pm EST

It’s that time of the week again, when we connect for another town hall meeting in the Village of the Darned.  We will try to start off @ 700PM unless BDB posts an earlier time. Jam a topic in the comments below and let people read up if you like. If the software tells you that you’re the only caller, don’t you believe it!  Press on with the access code and you’ll probably find us in there! US: 515-604-9908 Access Code: [see chat in “BDB Chat” tab above] Select International Local Dial-in Numbers Japan +81 3-5050-5104 Switzerland +41 43 550 70 62 United Kingdom +44 330 998 1256 If you need a different number (calling from Uzbekistan, say), let us know in the BDB Chat.

Who Wrote This Script?

I am finding that the American Elite Class seems to be following some very bad advice or needs new writers. After losing the executive, their reaction has been to throw a tantrum, support riots in the streets, wear  funny hats, call everyone a racist in the opening, middle and closing of every paragraph, destroy the NFL, attack the police, offer cowardice in the face of people trying to kill us, refuse to pass legislation and more general negative activity. They then top it off with an exposure of just how sleazy and slimy most of their political and celebrity icons are, how casually they use the sons and daughters of America as sexual playthings. They have made normals question the value of higher education for the exorbitant cost,… Continue reading

A Christmas Story

  The older I get, the more sentimental I become about Christmas. Grandchildren do that to you, as well as sorting through memories of many prior seasons. Check out the White House video of the Christmas decorations released on Melania’s twitter feed. Very professional production values, and I think very well done. No Mao Tse Tung tree ornaments, no social justice holiday messages, just the basic sights that grab the visual cortex and bypass cynicism for a pluck of the heartstrings. I have this feeling of steady and quiet progress, enforcing immigration laws, actually talking about chain migration and ending it, school choice quietly moving forward, state department slowly turning, tax cuts moving to pro growth, a sensible manufacturing and energy direction moving into place. I am… Continue reading

My Kind Of Bumbling Fool

I am so glad we elected the bumbling fool the media portrays. It must just be luck that he needs the tax cut passed and the handful of preening clowns in the Senate in his own party have just enough to block him. Then I read things like this: Now what possible deal could he have made for $83 billion in Chinese petrochem investment in infrastructure in West Virginia? Perhaps a senate vote from a Democrat for tax cuts?. I am sure some part of that $83 billion has Manchin’s name on it somewhere. Now I wonder what other stuff he brought home for red states with blue senators? So, folks, the sleazy big money dealing politics can be used by the GOPe to keep their power… Continue reading

FYI — Tom Steyer

I figure most of y’all know all about Tom Steyer.  But, just in case, …: Tom Steyer is the billionaire who is funding the “Impeach Trump” campaign.  He is well-known as a funder of Progressive causes and candidates, and is a villain who is second only to George Soros in the damage one person is doing to western civilization.  This is just to help you keep up with one of the bad guys.   I assembled a few links to inform a conservative friend who had never heard of him.  Here they are so you can share some information with your conservative pals.   Here are two recent background articles on Steyer and his Impeach Trump campaign: New impeachment ads on tap as Tom Steyer doubles dump …… Continue reading