Comey Chameleon

Briefly, I think that this reopening of the Clinton email investigation is just one more step in this kabuki of sewage. I think that big things were fixing to break, and that announcing the investigation is “on” again helps prevent the revelation of those things, and serves to cool tempers until the election is done.   How many times do we hear that something cannot be discussed due to an ongoing investigation?  This is smoke. Shortly after the election, Clinton will admit guilt to some minor thing and then be pardoned. Whatever it is, it will be enough to forestall further action or inquiry.  President Obama will explain that for the good of the country, he put down a rabid dog partisan investigation, ensuring the integrity of the… Continue reading

I Think We’re Going to Win

I think we are going to win this election. I cannot prove it. I can cite no numbers.  I am out of the business of second guessing polls since 2012. So, I will not argue with those who say that they have the numbers to prove that Trump will lose.    Just the same. I have a feeling that there is much more going on then is being captured by the usual sources.

User Settings Testing Underway

I’ll take this post down when the testing is complete.  Meanwhile, new account creation may will be screwy. Also, testing some interface items here.  Good-looking pull-quotes are one of my favorite items.  Therefore, I will try once again to get this working smoothly.  By the way, my blog upgrades consist mostly of standardizing things.  I am migrating as much of the appearance to the Mantra Theme, which now sports a much-improved settings editor.  WordPress forced everybody to use their inferior product for a while, but Mantra struck back with a shim to make it all work again.  And if it all comes crashing down, well then it won’t be piecemeal. All security settings are being moved to my favorite security piece.  It’s not fantastically capable, so still must… Continue reading

Like iTunes, but for Amazon, Android, Google…

Alright, you techno-savvy Ball Diamond Ballers, guess who needs some advice.  And believe me, if you have a grandchild (or can occasionally ask a kid for help), you’re likely to be closer to the answer than I am. I am getting off of Apple some time soon.  They don’t really owe me money, but I want something less locked-in.  I don’t like what they’re doing in many cases, and have no choice in the matter.  See, that’s what I call a trap, and when trapped, I jump. So the core (ooh) of the question is this: what’s a good MP3 player for the non-Apple world?  Not going Sony, as they are even worse about lock-in.  I don’t mind cheap-o devices (loved my Zen Stone!), but those have to… Continue reading

A Little Newsy

I had a great chat with Nanda last night.  Totally didn’t watch the debate.  I am just enjoying the heck out of my time in the States.  Have a Navy buddy coming up to visit this eve.  Will try to get on the Nightcap AMU.  We really *should* do one of our own.  Well, the schedule should be more friendly for that sort of thing in a bit.  My job will *not* be nine-to-five anymore, so I should be able to come up with a decent time that lines up with the States. Virginia is just beautiful. Nanda is doing great.  We spoke for over an hour I guess, and it flew by.  Funny, talking to her, Ricochet seems a lot like LGF as it made the turn…. Continue reading