The New Star Wars Movie is Okay — Spoilers in Comments

So I saw the new Star Wars movie.  Meh.  There were good things about it and things that I didn’t like so much.  More on that sort of thing later.  Meanwhile, the movie is a walk-away break with the misery of the threequels.   It’s worth seeing if you’re so inclined.  On the other hand, if you don’t really care about Star Wars, you’re not missing anything. J. J. Abrams has delivered us from the idiot George Lucas.  Huzzah!  Whatever.

Constitution, Border, Sovereignty, Citizenship

The Constitution not only lays out a framework for government, but passage and ratification of the Constitution by the States actually constituted a new government.  The federal government is literally the creature of the states, a thing created by them. A government exercises sovereignty over its territory and its citizens, and our Constitution specifies that government sovereignty is at the sufferage of the citizens themselves.  This point is repeatedly made in writings on how the Constitution came to be, in procedures spelled out in the Constitution itself, and explored thoroughly in associated writings by those who brought forth the Constitution itself. Citizenship is as tightly defined by custom and usage as any other term.  We all know what it means for most purposes.  Borders are also not much… Continue reading