Just a Guess….

I believe we may be seeing the semblance of the Obamacare replacement marketing program.   The President is positioning it would be easier to just let it crash and burn , that the Democrats built a pile of junk. He met with the Insurance CEOs to bring them into the mix, probably telling them to crank of their “Harry and Louise” advertisement departments to flood TV with what a great deal the replacement will be, many plans to choose from to meet your needs and budget. He is tying replacement to come before tax cuts, the reverse of the House priorities. He is positioning Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to own the reason it will not be fixed if they block it in the Senate. Harry and Louise… Continue reading

American Greatness Rules

I love this website!  Seems designed to keep me interested in the middle of the night here in Oregon. Here’s the summary at the end of this article: https://amgreatness.com/2017/02/26/who-cares-about-conservatism/ “Hillsdale College politics professor Kevin Portteus can help us understand this realignment: In 2016, the most consequential division was not between Democrats and Republicans but between the “court party” and the “country party” of whatever formal affiliation. There was a general dismay at the cronyism of bailouts and the stimulus package, a regulatory state with its tentacles in every aspect of individuals’ lives, trade deals that benefit multinational corporations, mass immigration, the imposition of same-sex marriage on a nation that had voted overwhelmingly against it, and the passage and subsequent sustaining by the Supreme Court of the Affordable Care Act…. Continue reading

God Does Have A Sense of Humor

After being pelted with disdain from Hollywood types, the poor, deplorables were sure to give it up and realize just how outclassed they were by the sheer brilliance of the Arts community. The Oscars are just another arm of the Progressive movement, with shrill and very uninformed lectures to the serfs and plebes. I did not watch, but caught the inevitable flash alert that the probable favorite and exercise in narcissism for Hollywood itself had won best picture. As it turns out, these people could not organize and execute a lemonade stand. In front of the entire planet, they could not even get the best picture right. God smiles and nods.

Public Service Announcement

The site is getting some troll comments (in the”Add Comment Below” post). We haven’t had any in a long time. I’m not sure how it all works but I think the following helps: -when you post a link make sure to not allow ping/track-backs and to have it open in a new tab/window. -have video embeds open in a new tab/window. -there is also not allowing a link to generate conversations (or some such). Thanks.  

Trump plays the no show card, again.

Trump has decided not to show up to the White House Correspondence dinner. This I think is a wise move. They attacked him and this is his counter-attack. It reminds me of WWII and how MacArthur fought the Japanese on certain islands. He didn’t.  He cut off their supplies and let the jungle do its work. Especially with proud people this is the best strategy. They think you cannot live without them. They really do. Sad.

Love Me Some Dime

Reading the chronicles around here I am concerned that here is some misinterpretation of my love for the 1/10$ Sock Puppet. Ten Cent and I have been friends including Skype calls, emails, etc. for going on five (5) years I think. Dime was a leader back when Ricochet was more than a digital fainting couch. He is instantly a leader here because of his passion and compassion. Our history goes back to the first ever worst poster award of which I am the proud recipient and what turned into a fundraising event that helped get Ray and Linda a new ride. When I am bustin’ Dime’s chops about his random non-use of capitalization that is just a couple of long, cherished, old friends doing what we’ve been doing… Continue reading

7,038 for a medical checkup

This is how I paid for my checkup. I put in my hospital’s “Members” card and it told me how much to pay. I got a blood test, ekg, eye and hearing exam, chest x-ray, barium test in my stomach, and a quick exam by a physician.  It took me about an hour and a half from start to finish.