Vague Fury

The United States is falling to a saturation offense decades in the making.  Like the scene in the movie Aliens where the motion tracker says the aliens are so close that they are in the same room with our heroes, we can’t quite figure out where the enemy is, but we know they’re all over us.  In the movie, our heroes needed to expand their thinking from two to three dimensions; the aliens were in the overhead.  For our own purposes we need to look not at individuals and elections, but at the large picture.  Our house is being eaten by termites, and no matter how many individual bugs we squash, it does nothing to help remove the infestation. Those Americans who most keenly feel and honor their… Continue reading

Things Have Changed

Greetings.  I am no longer a Republican.  I am certainly not a Democrat.  Neither am I a member or supporter of the Libertarian party or the Constitution Party.  I support no candidate and I oppose no candidate.  I am no longer a partisan political supporter of anybody.   If I mention names, it is only is far as they carry ideology in support of or in hazard to our Constitution.  I make my own decisions.  I know how to read the Constitution, I know how to think, and I know what duties are laid before me.   I support and defend the Constitution, and this means that I necessarily oppose those who endanger it. The United States is currently in a Constitutional crisis, which succinctly has the following… Continue reading