NeverTrump Morons Fade

Amazing.  It’s not so much that these people are delusional — they are — but that their delusions result from such comical short-sightedness.  There are always sound reasons to oppose any candidate, but that is not what these people are about.  These are Washington DC cocktail party creatures.  About three-hundred self-described “NeverTrumpers” assembled at some swank bar, as the Daily Caller relates: “It’s an opportunity for Republicans to come together to talk about the future of their party,” Weinstein [organizer of a NeverTrump gathering] continued. He described how the Republican Party has been damaged, even “poisoned” by the emergence of Trump. “Five years from now, if Donald Trump wins, the Republican party will be dead.” I should probably make a tag for this: Trump-Symptom-Not-Cause.  The Republican Civil War… Continue reading