Tiffany Trump: how much will we see her?

Hi all! I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I had a fun time in Las Vegas with my mom and other family members, including my beautiful granddaughter. OK so I assume you all know who I am. And so you all know my history of arguing about the importance of marriage and the family structure. So let me apply some of that to the Trump family. I have made a prediction about Tiffany Trump to myself, and I thought I’d share it with you here. I silently predicted a while ago that we would see much less of her than the other children. I know that she gave the RNC speech, but we haven’t seen much else of her, certainly not as much as the others…. Continue reading

Musings On The Cirque Des Fous

If you look at my bio, you will see I list myself as a “Heinlein American”. I grew up cutting my teeth on Robert Heinlein’s juvenile Sci Fi and went on to read nearly everything he wrote. He too came from a 1930-40s progressive background and evolved considerably rightward as time went on and progressives abandoned many things he held dear. One of his books which scared me sleepless when I was eight was “The Puppet Masters”, a solid exploration of the mind controlling alien invasion theme. Normal, everyday people were one by one helpless slaves to the alien presence. At eight, thinking  your parent s could become someone they were not was the thing of sleepless nights. Later in life I met children of addicts who actually… Continue reading

Secretary of War

Once upon a time this nation had a cabinet position of Secretary of the War Department. Clearly misguided, the Founders thought things ought to be simple, plainly labelled, and obvious to citizens. So we once had the War Department. Judging from its plain English meaning, it was in charge of managing war and all the aspect of that that the nation might be involved in. We fought an ugly Civil War with just a War Department. The Army and the Navy were part of it. It was the most destructive war on our soil and the largest percentage casualties of any war we have ever fought, including WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Then in 1947 we reorganized what had worked quite well in WWII – because the enemy… Continue reading

Fake News is the new Book Burning

The hue and cry over “fake news” is not complicated, but it is disturbing.  I hate crap as much as the next guy, but the #FakeNews nonsense is classic censorship with a progressive twist.  The two-fold goals are to get the government in the business of shutting down publication of conservative thought, and to attach a stigma to Trump’s victory that even the offended wings of the GOP will accede to. Bullshit is still bullshit, and you still need to regularly tune your bullshit filters to get through life — same way you need an ID card to exist in the real world.  But in the Progressive police state, an ID card is too hard to get, and the existence of incorrect thoughts cannot be borne by a… Continue reading

Guesses and Bets

For some reason, you must enter an even wager for $1 — win or lose — on one of two outcomes, but there’s a twist: Instead of a fifty-fifty choice like a coin toss, or picking 1-3 or 4-6, this one is pretty easy.  Using a fair die (not crooked or “funny” in any way), you can bet that it will show 1,2,3, or 4 on the one hand, or you can bet that it will show 5 or 6 on the other.  Those are your choices — 1-4, or 5-6.  You know that if you had to do this a hundred times, you would come out money ahead by standing on 1-4, as this will win two times of three. However, you only have one swing at… Continue reading

Never NeverTrump

The innkeeper of this establishment is paying me a sinful amount of money to generate world class content and to date I’ve been remiss in my duties. My apologies all. With the election put to bed everywhere except Wisconsin where the lovely and talented Dr. Jill Stein has lost what’s left of her mind and tricked endless snowflakes into funding a boondoggle that will no doubt reveal an even larger margin of victory for President Elect Trump it is time to call out some bullshit for what it is. Side Note: I would consider it a tremendous favor from any of our esteemed colleagues at this last outpost on the right if one of you would be so kind as to direct me to the portion of the… Continue reading