Curmudgeon Mumbles

The dust is settling.

North Korea is still a problem, but we are putting real pressure on them.

The GOPe owns the Obamacare failure.

Puerto Rico needs help so badly their Democrat Governor refuses to play racism nonsense and praises the aid measure.

The NFL players and Owners just got a lesson in the dangers of bubblevision.

Even the Editor in Chief at NRO is chastising the kneejerk reflex NeverRights on his payroll.

The congress now has to deliver something of significance and Tax Reform is teed up.

Ever since the stars fell on Alabama (ten points for the pop culture ref) it seems we are moving forward.

Not a bad Friday so far…


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  1. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    I was surprised to see Lowry’s piece at NR. Maybe there’s hope for the mag after all.


    One thing is sure: if the GDP continues to grow at 3%, even the Nevers will have to come around. And 60 Republican seats in the Senate would be within reach. Not that the latter will make any difference.

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      The Senate needs a leader who wants to do more than keep the Senate going.

      Replace McConnell with someone who will kill the filibuster. We know the Dems will kill it the next time they get the Senate.

      Trump is pushing hard and positioning for post midterms. If he gets three more Senators and McCain gets recalled by higher authority, he will change the game.

      Watch for him to push for open markets where the exchanges in OCare are down to one or no providers. He can do that by executive order.

  2. TempTime says:

    Regarding Puerto Rico, now if only they could get the Mayor of San Juan to stop making a fool of herself, or maybe they shouldn’t. How many people took note of the fact she was standing in front of hundreds, perhaps thouands of cases of water while shrieking “people are dying” as she complaining about not getting help?
    BTW, several members of my work team live and work in Puerto Rico — there are post offices opened now and packages are being received. In Miami, several organizations, businesses, and restaurants have asked folks to STOP making donations. Of course, the Red Cross who doesn’t do anything remains happy to take all the cash you are silly enough to give them. Perhaps they were once a functioning helpful charity group, today they are pretty much nothing more than an income pyramid re-distribution scheme for their elite donor class who run their own charitable foundations.

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