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Gauntlet, thrown.

The main issue is joined and the globalist spokeslugs are howling.  Mostly senators, but a few congresslugs also. You can tell by their concern for every other country but this one. Steel and aluminum tariffs. “Trump tweeted Thursday that many U.S industries, including steel and aluminum “have been decimated by decades of unfair trade and bad policy with countries from around the world. We must not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We want free, fair and SMART TRADE!”   CBS News I hear no howling from the working class. This is the centerpoint to why the opposition to Trump is so fierce, it is a threatened shift in trillions of  dollars of value in investment portfolios. The US was to be… Continue reading

On Main street, that great street, I just want to say, They do things they don’t do on Broadway

Another report from the deplorable economy. I saw an excavator dig out of Chapter 11 with a half million dollar contract… Two small firms were hiring last year at 14.00 an hour for entry trainees are now upping the wage to 19.00 just to get applicants. Paydays are the day of smiles as checks get handed out and the amount that surprised earlier in the month is still there. One business had me license them to work in the neighboring state. The Department of labor there was telling me they used to have one applicant a week from the neighboring state, it is now four or five a day. A metals fab shop is putting a third shift on their laser lathe. All for work that is coming… Continue reading

Criminal Negligence

I am still fuming over the nonsense spewing from all sides in the recent school shooting incident. Once more, our political class falls all over themselves in positioning to do nothing. We send our kids into unsecure, unprotected open shooting galleries and demand useless things when it occurs over and over. When all of these people were afraid of highjackers killing them, they demanded armed air marshals on planes. They demand their money is protected by armed guards. They want armed police to respond to a threat of violence in their home. Yet they send their kids to an unsecure building where no one there can respond to an assailant armed with minimal weaponry. It’s as if the children were expendable to make a political point. Oh wait…… Continue reading

Deep State Thoughts On A Winter Night

There is a rally scheduled for 2/21 in Pennsylvania. I grow more encouraged by the day. He made a real offer on immigration and the Dems are looking bad to refuse. He got the military funded, knowing he will have to cut spending in the executive branch at execution level, not by congress. He is holding firm on trade, so far. The progressives are showing themselves to be more and more extreme every day. Anti real prosperity, Anti military, anti white, condescending to blacks and browns. The corruption is slowly coming to the public consciousness. Time for a rally. If the GOP holds the house and gains in the Senate, the GOP is his and the deep state will have a new master. One thing about shallow power… Continue reading

Curmudgeon Musings- The Long War for America- Meme Battlespace

The sources I have been following indicate that there is a significant more to come on the FBI-DOJ-DNC-Russia Imposter Nexus. I think I can see an information and messaging war plan here, at least I hope the Good Guys have one. The White Hats had to know that the Media and their street gang the Democrats were going to trash the Nunez Memo no matter what it said. I do believe it was kept simple for that purpose. One message has to be retained: THE FBI and the DOJ spied on Trump and his campaign and let Hillary off the hook. It is simple and it hits the American “fairness” reflex. The response has been actually all over the map and contradictory. The accusations by the Left are… Continue reading

Atlanta Fed Calls 5.4% First Quarter GDP

I have talked before about the signs of growth in our economy. Since the election, the small to midsized companies I deal with have seen good times.They have full order books, and are giving raises to keep skilled employees, hiring new ones, replacing the aged truck fleets and production equipment they have run the wheels off for the last ten years. Their employees are spending on new cars and buying health insurance for their families. I just talked to a Ford dealer who had the last hi roof extended length commercial Ford Transit van in the Pacific Northwest, all the rest were sold as soon as they rolled off the train. Manufacturers are adding products and a metal fab place I know is adding a third shift to… Continue reading

ACME Memo Sale

I cannot believe what I am seeing underway on the “Memo War”   Trump and his crew of Counter Insurgents have set up the Nunes committee memo for weeks, letting it percolate. The media other than Fox and such ignored it.   Now we are treated to a show of FBI ‘fighting” the release and such and the media falls for it and begins covering the memo release as a typical Washington food fight.   Then, the low ohm resistance decides to compose a counter memo.   It is like watching Roadrunner cartoons.   One explosive memo and then another requires a demand for the source material to be released to show which is true.   Trump is fortunate in his adversaries.

SOTU Diagnosis- A Curmudgeon Reflects

My diagnosis on the SOTU address.   The messaging was tasked to emotionally convince both men and women in different ways that they belong to a group, Americans, who do heroic things, who have empathy, who help the needy, who nurture the babies, who lay down their lives for others as an act of love. We act together, we grieve together and we fix things together.   He showed people, not faceless government as the engine of virtue.   The use of visuals was masterful, his delivery was comforting, not bombastic. He shared his feelings with all of us. It was pitch perfect and while not soaring prose, the emotions invoked were soaring and that is what counts. I recall Reagan made me feel good. This one made… Continue reading