Guns Along the Potomic

Among my friends I am somewhat known for “radical” views. I tend to believe that the states should not be allowed to license anything. Contrary to the BS statement of states, driving is NOT a “privilege” but the right to move about the nation as one sees fit. We don’t need state licenses to know how to drive, etc. I can envision a process wherein you take a driver’s license test – once. And get issued a license, which is valid forever and an insurance company can use, among other things, to know that you have shown proficiency in some of the basic driving skills. There are others – driving school diploma, competition license, etc. The point is that we need liberty – which is basically the freedom to do as we please so long as we don’t hurt others. ?Want to drive fast – have at it, just as long as you don’t cause an accident. And driving slowly is also a cause of accidents, not just speeding.

Along these lines, guns and the Second come to mind. We have an NFA 1934, passed by a congress in response to gang gunfights with automatic weapons generated by prohibition. Funny how government acting badly can cause so much damage. But I digress. The NFA 1934 has never actually been tested in court to the SCOTUS level. There was one case of a sawed off shotgun arrest that got to SCOTUS but the defendant had died by the time the case was heard. BUT, interestingly, in the discharge opinion, the judge ruled that since sawed off shotguns were not military weapons they were not protected (this is not true but what does one expect from a lowlife like a judge, only a few steps away from the thugs in the TSA). Which obviously then means that military weapons are protected. And that basically negates ALL of ATF rulings, regulations, etc.

Which leads me to say that I believe there ought to be a big press to return liberty to us in the form of repeal of NFA 1934. There are other things I believe, but it would take up too much space here. (Like felons should have the rights of any citizen, including owning firearms and voting eg.)

?What say you guys.

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