A New Hope

This drew my attention and brought back the America versus true conservative nonsense from the past on some other site.


Ah, the arguments of  the need to maintain manufacturing and resources as a nation versus the free trade unicorns…

A superpower needs to be capable of making anything it needs to survive and thrive or it either becomes a tyrant empire or a colony of the next superpower.

There are some things a national government should do, and one is maintain capacity for making war and sustaining power. When we allow fabrication assets to be shut down by material manipulation and sold to strategic competitors at cents on the dollar, I find the free trade mantra to ring quite hollow.

When we create resource scarcity by lawfare and regulation , I look for motive and funding.

I thank God for the people turning the ship of state off the rocks.


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2 Responses to A New Hope

  1. MJBubba says:

    A long overdue element of the America First agenda.

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Thank you for posting this! Just awesome. I love the idea of free trade as much as I love the idea of personal liberty, BUT in this world, there are many good ideas which are not worth worshipping as absolutes. As a Second AMendment devotee, I still find limits on some nature of armaments worthwhile. And so on down the line. I have nothing against a literal “FIRE” in a crowded theater approach to speech. Trade and individual rights cvan only flourish where they are protected, and if there are no borders. then there are no laws, and there is no protection of these ideals from well-crafted and callus attacks.
    Thanks, Trump!

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