Nike v. Gronk

Nike is opposing Rob Gronkowski’s silhouette trademark application.

Notice any similarity?

Gronkman Jumpman

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9 Responses to Nike v. Gronk

  1. EThompson says:

    No! Full disclosure: Nobody messes with my second favorite NFL player.

    Gronk’s legs are relatively grounded and so is his left arm.

  2. EThompson says:

    Since I’m on a roll today, let me just add that no one who knows a damn thing about sports should be comparing a football player’s silhouette with that of a basketball player.

    Different game, different skillsets, different moves.

  3. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    IP law annoys me sometimes. Patent trolls are the worst but trademarks and copyrights can be bad too.

  4. EThompson says:

    I have had problems with the NFL every season with my stores; I’m beginning to despise that league due to the complications of trademarks particularly with my retro logos (Pats, Bears, Lions, Jets, etc.).

    Nobody wants the new images and my vendors can’t afford the licensee fees for the vintage looks.

    One of my best-selling NFL jerseys was the LA Rams before they moved back to LA! I used to sell a lot of jerseys with the numbers of these players:

  5. 10 Cents10 Cents says:

    Other than the two are silhouettes and selling product I don’t see a difference. Where is Ralph Lauren suing or being sued for the polo shot.

  6. BrentB67BrentB67 says:

    I do not see any similarity. Balderdash.

    Whatever Liz says on the subject I endorse it.

    Close the thread.

  7. ctlaw says:

    If this goes forward, it will be one of the greatest cases in history for the field of trademark survey taking. Each of the parties will have several of its own consumer surveys conducted and then counter-surveys to rebut the surveys taken by the other side.

  8. ctlaw says:

    It appears Gronk has failed to respond and thus defaulted.

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