Captain’s Quarters Book Club

Hey gang! The Chaplain and I decided to announce our next reading and discussion adventure: The New Trail of Tears by Naomi Schaefer Riley

We “meet,” usually, on Tuesdays 9pm ET/6pmMT. Depending on interest the phone number and code are sent by email (BCc if you need/prefer) or we can post them in the chat.

We’ll chapter by chapter with this one.

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4 Responses to Captain’s Quarters Book Club

  1. MLHMLH says:

    We’ll be starting on 05 SEP 17.

  2. NandaNanda says:

    TANKS, M! Pull up a chair and join in…

  3. MLHMLH says:

    So far: me, Nanda, RA and SiS!

    • TempTime says:

      Ok, Found you! Don’t have the book yet, but I always willing to listen to the discussion. By the way the 5th, 15th, and 25th are always challenging day because in they are “STAT Days”; but I’ll give it my best effort to be here.

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