We Reserve the Right

An Executive Order which contravenes the law is an unlawful order and should not be followed by those in the executive branch — the only Americans who are subject to “Executive Orders” at any rate.

We the citizens of the United States reserve the right to expel any foreigner who entered our country in violation of our laws regardless of unlawful orders within the executive branch.

A border is not a criminal justice issue but an axiom of national security.  There is no statue of limitations on invasion.

Executive Orders do not change the law.  They are administrative commands from an employer to its employees.

Report and Deport.

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2 Responses to We Reserve the Right

  1. AvatarPercival says:

    The idea that we need a law to get us back to where we were when Trump issued his (since rescinded) executive orders is nuts, yet that is what Crenshaw (or Eye-Patch McCain as Ace calls him) and the other usual suspects insist on telling us.

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Indeed. The House should send a bill to the Senate requiring the WH to re-instate Trump’s successful EOs nd let that soak for a year before considering any further action. And then further action would be to rescind other nonsense barnacles on the perfectly adequate body of law that used to secure our borders.

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