SCOTUS Smokes Colorado like a Joint, 9-0, BUT…

Yay, etc., Trump will not be thrown off the ballot in Colorado, apparently based partly on the argument that one state doesn’t have the right determine whom the country can vote for.

I hate to say it, but this is a problematic stance, and it explains why even the most Marxist Justices voted in support of quashing Colorado.

The problem is that each state is supposed to have the right to run elections within that state.  You see where this goes?  As much as we might wish for Federalization of elections to combat recent shenanigans in lawless states, the fact is that the left always takes expansions/centralizations of power and turns them into totalitarian tools.  Every single fascist wet dream of the left regarding taking absolute control over elections has just gotten one step closer to implementation.

This case should have been decided solely on the fact that Trump received no due process, has been convincted of nothing, and that at any rate, no insurrection occurred.  I understand that the charge of “parading” is the closest that any J6 defendant has come to being charged with “insurrection” — this was true a year ago, and I don’t recall hearing that it had changed.

This is the right answer for the wrong reasons, and we will regret this like the PATRIOT Act (which was the wrong answer for the right reasons).

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