Reflecting On Conservatism In A Global Era

I have always self  identified as a conservative back when that phrase was also viewed as synonymous with patriot. As I proceeded through life and read the writings of Friedman, Hayek and Buckley, I found my reading of Bob Heinlein as a kid was my real foundation, and took my new influences with a salt shaker or two.

Lately, watching the next generation of ‘conservatives’ after Reagan, those who viewed him as a distant father figure and now make their living in the conservative media I worry that some of the basic belief systems that used to moderate conservative theory like ‘the national interest”  have been left by the wayside, and our new intelligentsia , like their progressive counterparts are following their theorists blindly.

We live in a dangerous world with global class predators. “Small government” is not always the appropriate response. I am convinced if an asteroid was headed towards the planet, our conservative media would be calling for a small government response at the exclusion of all others.

The problem we have is not big government but big government in the wrong areas and not big enough in others. To steer the government to policing college athletics versus protecting manufacturing asset values against predation by other countries  is the issue and small government is not always the answer.

I view the current split between the electorate and the elites is one of nationalism versus globalism and conservatives elites have chosen the unpopular side.

I guess I will have to stop viewing myself as a conservative. I can live with it.



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  1. MLHMLH says:

    Maybe it’s not size that matters but reach?

    • NandaNanda says:

      True enough, M! And gracious, the desire to extend those tentacles *everywhere*. (Maybe Chthulu is in power already??) Liking Charles Murray’s removal of intrusive regs…Let us sweat the small stuff. (Though regs are a revenue stream for states, right?)

  2. MLHMLH says:

    TKC, We are bit slow around here and with only 4 or 5 active participants . . but please keep posting!

  3. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Nice, TKC. How to open a complete can of worms in a few short sentences.

    I would submit that “small” vs “big” government is nol a reflection on physical size as much as scope or involvement. Was a time that the federal government was specifically constrainted to certain specific powers. That constraint disappeared via our beloved Supreme Court in the 30’s (as much mischief seems to stem from that era). The physical size of the fed grows as the “involvement” of the fed in matters large and small expands.

    On the issue of “national interest”, Angelo Codevilla would certainly agree that NI is no longer a factor in any calculation. Our politicians and their supporting ruling elite (read the Ivy League dudes) have long ago surrendered either thinking of OUR national interest or OUR peace. Instead they have insinuated some shadowy and totally disreputable international coelition as the arbiter of all things outside our borders. As a result we have now signed on for perpetual war. Perpetual! No nation or culture can long endure such. You don’t need to go all the way back to the 30-years War; the Cold War damaged us economically but it destroyed the Soviet Union.

  4. Avatartitus says:

    Hey, folks, I’m back–I’ve only just heard TKC was joining, so I had to show up & say, huzzah!
    I’ve a quick apology for disappearing. Things haven’t been what I could wish them to be & I cut down on the hopes & fun tied up with the internet. But after an unpleasant time I’ve received some encouraging news & I’ve consequently done more yapping the mouth lately, including talking with TKC, who is not happy on Ricochet anymore either!
    It looks like Ball’s gathering a real Dirty Dozen here! While assembly of the team is underway, can I still presume on your welcome?
    Can I ask how you’ve all been?

    • MLHMLH says:

      Huzzah, Titus! Welcome back. You’ve been making some arguments over yonder.

    • Avatartitus says:

      Thank you! The time was ripe for a while, when people started worrying about Super-Tuesday & all that, to point out again things people had not wanted to see last year.
      But then things settled: It’s Cruz or the apocalypse–which is what the Senator was rather hoping to persuade people to believe, unfortunately–so there’s no need anymore to think about what’s changing & how to deal with it.
      Now, it’s this maddening series of posts on Mr. Trump. He’s a free man like everyone, but Ricochet should not be dominated by his shadow. He is a midget & people should recognize it. Senator Cruz is far & away a better man–& more of a man.

    • AdministratorAdministrator says:

      Based on the absentee landlordism of whomever runs this place, I don’t think welcome will run out here based on absence.

  5. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    Indeed, I’ve been questioning my own conservatism as of late.

  6. NandaNanda says:

    Welcome back, TT! Howdy, MLR! RAH, Dev! Hey, there, TKC! Thanks for being there, while I figure out what a recovering and battered political junkie is s’posed to do here…Looking like “under- voting” in the primary – until the change is final. We’ll see about the GE, but…abstaining is looking likely.

  7. AvatarKay of MT says:

    Good Morning, didn’t get a chance to read this yesterday. I can’t believe what it happening with the Trump fiasco. Sad, sad, sad. There are so many people posting on Ricochet that I’m having a hard time even reading everybody let alone responding.

  8. NandaNanda says:

    M, that’s unfair of you: You know differently. I respect Dr. Hanson as much as anyone; all of this is too little, too late. Where was all the “do or die” 8 months ago? Just wondering. I don’t feel that TC’s rigid, narrowly-defined, purity-test “conservatism” can beat Hill; I also don’t think someone who’s as certain of his own rectitude as to verbally assault colleagues on the Senate floor for soundbites can work with those who disagree with him effectively. Likeability does matter. Propping up Trump for 7-plus months and poaching votes in FL didn’t help, either…(“Marco’s dropping out.” gambit – a la Ben Carson, prior, left a bad taste in my mouth, too.)

    As far as I know, there’s still freedom of conscience here; as I said elsewhere recently: I take full temporal, moral, and eternal responsibility for my own choices. November is a ways hence, July is closer…I said abstaining is likely. Not voting as an affiliated Republican is certain. The party has left me…So be it. @smod2016.

    (This being the umpteenth time I’ve responded to lobbying re: my civic duty, in several venues, I would prefer to discuss something else…Love yunz and I’ll leave you to it.) Be back…Feel free to dish about me – in true PIT fashion – while I’m gone. :-)

  9. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Howdy ladies! VDH is in quite a pickle. I’ve been going through his Classicist podcasts AND “Who killed Homer?” on audiobook, and he may be the most uncomfortable man on Earth. He has the best rationales for loathing a figure like Trump. he knows his archetypes, he knows his history, and he can spot what’s wrong with Trump and with this moment in time — from miles away.
    And yet! Hanson, because he sees the moment in time clearly, sees that the Republican party *is* destroying itself, propping up the left at the expense of conservatives, and that there is very little which is actually conservative about the party. VDH, for all of his discomfort with Trump, also most eloquently makes the case for the Trump supporters as to why something drastic must be done. I don;t wish to place the fallacy in Hanson’s mouth, but by a process of elimination, it is easy to argue at least in earshot of hanson that something drastic must be done, this is something drastic, and therefore this must be done. Everything else is nowhere near the jolt enough to bump us out of the HOV lane to Hell.

  10. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    TKC1101, Mike, don;t you all forsake conservatism. The label is degraded by the David Brooks Potemkin conservatives, and the progressive libertarians who gnaw the timbers of our home, but conservatism has not changed.
    Great post. Thank you!

  11. MLHMLH says:

    Mar 22: Arizona Primary Day.
    Driving into work thanks, I suppose to anti-campaign sign laws, you’d never know it. And this year we could make a difference!

  12. MLHMLH says:

    I’m off to vote in the primary soon but I just learned that it doesn’t matter because the Rothschilds chose Hillary four terms (or was it only 4 years) ago.

  13. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Amusing to see the comments. I have been tied up working and being ill, so haven’t gotten around to comment/posting.

    Good to hear from you, Titus. I thought perhaps you had abandonded us.

    So here is what I would love to see happen. A contested convention, a la 1859, with an unknown emerging to take the reins, a la Lincoln. My selection for this dark horse – Gen. James Mattis. EVERYTHING the nation could want at the moment.

    • MLHMLH says:

      Like! and I thought you had abandoned us. Whew!

    • Avatartitus says:

      Hello, Mr. Devereaux. It’s gonna be a contested convention–obviously. It’s gonna be Sen. Cruz, though, second or third ballot. He’s worked too hard & everyone else too little.

      I’ve not abandoned–I was just going through too many difficulties. Things started looking up this year & recently I’ve been treated like royalty! I;ll give you the good news soonest.

      How are you doing, sir? Aside from the gene with the simple beautiful things… Are you telling me you don’t think horses are God’s noblest creature!

  14. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    No,M. Just been ill. and working way too hard. But I’m in DFW on the way home after 5 days with 5 other guys from Golf Co TBS in East Texas pretending to hunt hogs but mostly sitting around and talking. Great way to unwind.

  15. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    No,M. Just been ill. and working way too hard. But I’m in DFW on the way home after 5 days with 5 other guys from Golf Co TBS in East Texas pretending to hunt hogs but mostly sitting around and talking. Great way to unwind.

  16. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Titus – I would personally have no problem with Mr. Cruz. I voted for him in our primary here in Illinois. But I wonder if he will be able to persevere.

    The opposition is no less against him than Trump. It does not seem the old guys want either.

    I have seen several articles about Mattis possibly being drafted. They are clearly early comments, and they depend upon Cruz & Trump not being able to find a decision. OR Trump being the candidate. If there is anything that worries me about the draft=-Mattis movement it’s that it seems filled with old Guard republicans.Those guys have shown me very little reason to believe anything they say.

    • MLHMLH says:

      Just want to let you know I’m checking in here regularly!
      There was an Uncommon Knowledge episode with Fouad Ajami. This was before Petraeus’ fall. May have been this episode. Long story short: Peter and Fouad came to the realization or conclusion that the office of POTUS is beneath those most suited for the job. s i g h

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