Physics Remains Undefeated; EV Hype Collapses in Cold Weather

So here’s a guy showing clips of media propaganda pushing EVS juxtaposed with clips of EVs failing miserably once the chips are down. I’ve had conversations with completely nice people who simply do not get the physics of this, and it’s not complicated. You just need to understand two things: First, chemical reactions slow down a lower temperatures, and all battery actions (charging and discharging) are chemical reactions. This means longer charge times and reduced driving range. Second, power grids of nations across the world, including the US and Canada, are *already* challenged when the weather gets too cold or hot. This means that EVs will not be charged at all in a prolonged emergency, regardless of how long it might take.

Electric Vehicles “unfit for purpose” — he’s right.

The California blackouts which led to the ouster of the Governor and which were largely blamed on Enron shenanigans were in fact mostly caused by poor policy enacted by mob rule in bread-and-circuses California. The State mandated caps on power prices which meant that when demand spiked and therefore prices rose, power providers sold power elsewhere or else simply shut down as running at high load factors for pennies is how to go bankrupt. Note that these air-conditioning-driven demand spikes occurred with zero electric vehicles on the grid. Our demand for electricity to regulate interior temperatures has not gone down, and will only grow as other means are pruned from our options. The government is pushing all-electric all the time, and this is a disaster in the making.

Electric vehicles are just the canary in the coal mine for supposedly “unforeseen” weaknesses of the electric power grids in even the most developed countries. It will just get worse, not better, and this is just a fact. Physics remains undefeated.

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  1. AvatarPercival says:

    Did you check to see if comments work yet. I’d get right on that first thing.

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Good to see you! Comments have been working here since the Hoover administration.

  3. blondieblondie says:

    Hey, BDB! That dang global warming is messing up the EV revolution!

  4. AvatarPercival says:

    A guy flew into O’Hare and had to hire a flatbed truck to haul his EV from recharging station to recharging station to get juice back in his buggy.

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