People ask me what I’m for.  You’re so negative they say, you’re always against something.  Happened again today on the teleconference.  What do you support? I support winning.  I support beating the enemy like a drum, and that requires a moral clarity to see the enemy for what they are, and a hard heart to hear their weasel words and just hold down the trigger (so to speak).  Problem is, we have a bunch of the enemy on our own side.  These losers cannot be made to fight and do not want to win.  They are comfortable as things are, and the only thing that threatens them is unhappy democrats and furious conservatives.  So they make nice to the democrats and they make war on conservatives.  The GOP is… Continue reading

Rush on FIRE

Who here has Rush memberships? Or heard the show? I would like to talk about this. Especially if you know your Alinsky. You should be able to read a transcript here: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2015/06/26/the_left_s_moral_relativism_has_eaten_our_culture_alive_and_conservatives_have_no_political_strategy_to_stop_it It’s the first 17 minutes of audio in particular. Do you recall seeing Obama on magazine covers in 2003, 2004?  Even at the time I thought it was odd to see the same guy from out of nowhere on both Time and Newsweek side by side.  “Who is this nobody,” I wondered, “and why is he the Next Big Thing?” Duh.  For all my banging on about Alinsky, and my appreciation of the race weapon, I missed it.  Or at least I hadn’t put all the pieces together at the same time.  The Obama Presidency is… Continue reading

Marrying My Dog, Inc.

I’m going to legally incorporate, which creates another entity, and name that company My Dog. Since the company is me and I am a man, that’s gay marriage. The company is My Dog so it’s bestiality. My own auto-consanguinity approaches 100%, so that’s incest. A company is only legally a person, but not actually, so that’s an object fetish. With all these entities in the mix, it’s polyamory. You perverts are pikers. You’re not even trying.

The Thing About Manners

Don’t hold your breath waiting around for apologies from those who called you crazy, a bomb-tosser, a nut with a gun, a genocidal kooky-con bent solely on denying the obvious rights to the obvious victims — when one by one, our predictions come true, and the lawsuits about polygamy (polyamory), bestiality, incest, pedophilia, object fetishism, and the right to push all this on kids in public schools as right and good and the school’s business to discuss with them but not the parents, oh, and the loss of freedoms to even say what you think. No, none of that will happen, you murderous savage, you neanderthal, you Rush-bot echo-chamber-pots. It is not happening right before your eyes, you never predicted it because you did not provide a link,… Continue reading

The Thing About States

I haven’t done any homework on this, but wasn’t state funding (not the communist understanding of the word State, but the American, as in “the several states”) required to keep this thing in bounds for the method of passage chosen? All sorts of accounting tricks were used to keep it “budget neutral”, so that it didn’t require a supermajority somewhere at a critical juncture.

Ride the Thunder: an important movie that not enough people will see.

By production standards, this is not a very good movie. It was privately funded by not terribly rich, non-Hollywood-types so the budget was small. It was shot in HD, which helps but the acting and directing are not stellar. Done as a “docu-drama” that may have benefited from more documentary and less re-enactment. It is the commentary of former and retired Marines and actual footage from the 70s that makes this a need-to-be-seen film.

Blog Notes

Sorry for the absentee landlord routine.  Thank you everybody for working through the issues. I may have the privacy thing fixed.  I think I got MLR’s account sorted.  I don’t know what caused it, or why the password reset thing didn’t work, but so far I think I have a ridiculous work-around for power-cycling accounts. I love the idea of the Constitution 101 course.  I am completely good for (say) Friday night audio.  That’s Saturday morning for me.  I’m feeling kind of deflated on some things these days, so maybe I’ll stick to technology for a bit.  Maybe not.  i tried to do that over at Ricochet and wound up moaning about the loss o the Republic etc. Sigh.