France in the Attack

Everyone is aware of the events of Friday in France. Pres. Hollande has responded “with vigor”. As we speak, the French authorities are conducting raids on muslim strongholds, arresting left and right, and engaging the authorities of neighboring nations in the dragnet for violent muslims.

But “violent muslim” is pretty much a redundant term. Violence is imbedded in islam. The old Flip Wilson remark, “The devil made me do it,” may be an integral part of islam ideology. One cannot solve such derangement with whack-a-mole arrests.

Let us also remember that France is about the size of Massachusetts. All of Europe would fit into New England. WE, OTOH, have not done much to forward any such attack. We send troops to fight, more or less halfheartedly. I have seen this before – when I was young and in uniform. Behind all this noise stand we. If we don’t get into the fight, one can expect there will be little accomplished. Remember, the mighty Europeans couldn’t even overthrow Qaddafi but needed our help.

?So is there really stomach for cultural warfare in the West.

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2 Responses to France in the Attack

  1. MLHMLH says:

    Stomach: maybe; spines: no. But hey, our flags are at half-staff.

    • NandaNanda says:

      With you there, M! Not sure about stomach for a fight, though, let alone spine…Sheesh! And everyone’s profile pics on FB in tricolor…tres chic, non?

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