Daily Caller Writer Flips Out, Posts UnDignifAIed Rant about DignifAI

Perhaps you’ve seen the new “DignifAI” stuff, which is a hoot.  Some dastardly stable genius over at 4chan has set up an AI to edit photographs of women by putting decent clothes on them, erasing tattoos, removing noserings, washing the blue right outta that hair, and so forth. It is glorious.  And so the sensation on Twitter and points west is bubbing up, and suddenly it’s degrading to women to put their clothes back on them. 

I saw this headline, “Some Internet Dork Is Trying To Re-Clothe Beautiful Women Because Of ‘Dignity.’ It Is Pathetic” and I assumed that it came from Jezebel or BuzzFeed or HuffPo or Vox or Vice or NowThis or some other interchangeable leftist outrage orifice.  Nope, it’s from Kay Smythe at Daily Caller, and the article is just as unhinged as the headline.  Now, I don’t know who Smythe is, but she holds herself out to be a champion of free speech, a conservative keyboard warrior, and after all does seem to write for the DC.  Which makes the rant more funny, not less, as the sheer bitchy venom just screeches right past any of that conservative wisdom.

The problem starts right off in the headline.  It’s not political — it’s personal and follows the woman-scorned template of insulting the manliness of any man who doesn’t buy the Xth wave feminist magic beans.  “Dork” and “Pathetic” are just “little D” attacks as a woman lectures men about their attitudes about women.  TL;DR “I’m not exactly sure how slut shaming confident women is going to help bring dignity back to the internet.”  That’s easy, sweetheart — it does so by shaming the sluts off of the internet.  By the time you un-ironically use the term “slut-shaming” to disparage men who are opposed to the degradatio of women, you are not a conservative in any sense.  Take that garbage back to Lilith Fair.

I suspect that she makes the common modern feminist mistake of assuming that the men she demeans herself with (assuming she’s into men just as a default positon) are the same men who will treat her well whe it’s time for her to bargain.  They are not the same, and the providers whom she hopes to fool later in life do not want to hear about, know about, think about, or see the doctor about her slutty past.  Men need chastity from women or suffer loss of status, which is after all one of the things women want in a man.  They avoid having to deal with slut problems by avoiding sluts.

The men whom she thinks are “this close” to marrying her might as well be on a different planet — there is almost zero overlap between the bad boys and the providers, especially for women who are not rated by men as absolute stunning ten out of ten perfection.  Men do not care about a woman’s degree, career, c.vs or writing portfolio.  men looking to provide are looking to provide for a family, wife, kids and all, and so our interest lies in her youth, her chastity, and her ability and willingness to care for that family while the man is off providing.

This is far more widespread than the lampooned “tradwife” imagery would lead one to think — it is nearly universal, and many men wind up learning this late just as women do.  The difference is that men in their thirties are just entering their peak desirability, while women are by then in an emergency situation.  The clock ticks hard enough to sound like the tolling of a bell.

You see, men just as women come in the sort you introduce to your parents, and the sort you don’t.  Women have an unfair disadvantage in that there is only time to be one of those before the milk starts going bad in the refrigerator of their mind, as hormones and gravity remove their appeal and capacity to give a man what he wants.  Our culture has provided elaborate defenses of a woman’s youth and chastity in order that the women may succeed in producing families, and society thereby succeed.  Feminism has trashed these safeguards, and now another generation of women is pushing the boundaries of how low they can go — most pointedly of how publicly they can go that low.  Say what you want about each generation thinking that they invented sex, but it hasn’t been on display like this in thousands of years, and the fetishization is unprecedented.

Almost everything that women do is to impress men, to include make-up and clothing.  Red lips, thick lashes, glorious hair, ample hips, narrow waist, admirable bosom — all of that is explicitly connected to hard-wired triggers in male behavior.  “Showing skin” is a part of that, and so scantliy-dressed women are just lowering the price as they haggle for male attention.  Men and women are both uneasy riders of hormone-driven, evolution-tuned reproduction machines, but men have what women do not — time to change their ways, and the power to provide regardless of a sketchy past.

This is a wake-up call — young men are fed up with the whores clogging the internet, ruining the generation of women they’re supposed to find wives among. Tattooed, ran-through, high-body count diseased wreckage as far as the eye can see.  Mizz Smythe is smashing the snooze button for dear life.

Can’t imagine why.

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