Dime Update

I have been busy trying to finish things up for this year. While I was doing things I thought about trying my hand at starting and online forum ala familywoodworking.org in vBulletin. I bought a book and everything. I knew BDB was busy and wanted a few more functions. I also wanted to know how hard that task would be. I contacted John Walker. He gave me some good ideas and help. That happened five days ago. Things happened very quickly and the site is up. As BDB and MLH know sites take time and energy. I want to thank all you BDBers for putting up with me these past months. All the best!!

Worth a Read

https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/278180/ John Ringo talks about Weinstein and actresses at Instapundit. I thought it was an interesting take on hating Conservatives. An abused person needs to take their frustrations out. Conservatives are a safe target. In power struggles between two groups it is easier to come down unfairly on the weaker party. Or on the people with different views because they are “the enemy” than to face the problems on your side. What do you think of “Hollywood High” in the article?

Lunch Box

Well, it was not actually lunch but dinner. I was on a motorcycle trip to Hokkaido. In my opinion the best way to go was on a ship from Maizuru to Otaru.  Here are pictures inside the ship. The ship takes 20 hours and leaves at midnight. As anyone who has waited to drive on to a ferry knows you wait in line. Unlike a car you talk to the other riders in the motorcycle line. Next to me was an old guy on about 150 cc motorcycle. He said in his younger days he traveled around Hokkaido on a bicycle but now he uses his bike. Later on the ship, I saw him eating a Japanese equivalent of a sandwich around lunch time and figured he was… Continue reading

White Privilege

This is a hot can of milk tea from a vending machine. The name of this product is 白の贅沢 which means White Luxury. Down at the bottom of the can is a blue tilted rectangle with a gold map of Hokkaido, the Northern Island of Japan. The best milk comes from there. Only the finest for this Sock. Was it okay for me to enjoy this tea? In the future should I bring tape to cover up the product name. Should I act like most foreigners and feign ignorance like Brent?

Your Kind Aren’t Welcome Here

This is the link. (The video in the link is NSFW.) People fail to realize when you saw off the branch for others one should not go out on a limb. 1, 2, 3 … “This is different because these people offended MY beliefs.” The name of the coffee shop is Bedlam. Hmm … No, even I don’t want to make a joke on such low hanging fruit. (No pun intended but I don’t feel like changing the idiom.)