APA Issues Guidance for Treatment of Trannies — It’s Worse Than You Think

The American Psychological Association has issued guidance on what it calls “Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care,” and what the rest of us would call mutilating the mentally ill.  Even assuming that you think of these things the way I do, the guidance put out by the APA is worse than you imagine, and has provoked a healthy response from people pointing out how very unscientific, un-medical, and inhumane it all is.

I stumpled across a tweet by Christina Buttons (@buttonslives), whom I had never heard of.  It was re-tweeted by Columnist Rita Panahi of Australia’s Herald-Sun newspaper, which is a righteous outfit. She frequently appears on SkyNews Australia (which is firmly in the conservative sphere, unlike plain old SkyNews from the UK — very different beasts).  Anyway, one of the best reasons to follow an account on Twitter is not necessarily for what that person says, but for the things they bring into your view, such as Rita re-tweeting Christina. And this Christina Buttons has done magnificent work digging through the document and explicating what’s in there one tweet at a time.

Here’s where another neat bit of technology comes into play: the ThreadReader application which stitches together (“unrolls” into a single doc) a series of tweets for convenient reading.  Christina’s tweet series rose to the top of ThreadReader’s most-requested unrolls today, and it is worthy of the honor.  From the ThreadReader single-doc version of Christina’s write-up:

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) released its Gender-Affirming Psychiatric Care (GAPC) textbook and it’s crazier than I thought. In a recent op-ed, @Miriam_Grossman and @LHSchwartzMD call it a “political manifesto posing as a scientific guide for mental health care.”🧵
The authors of the GAPC claim the sex binary is “mythical,” created by “European colonial influences,” and that scientific neutrality is a “fallacy.” Image
It says trans-identified youth are oppressed from “living in a cis heteronormative society” created by “cisgender people in power.” Image

There’s more — the write-up continues for a bit, and includes links to other efforts, including a public letter now gathering signatures.  I intend to sign.

The APA is not alone in its lunacy, but it is one of the most important offenders.  Not only is this a shocking example of the inmates literally running the asylums, but the APA is the defining authority for mental illness relied upon by most of the rest of the propaganda and indoctrination apparatus.  The whole leftist edifice of government, education, media, and downstream medical institutions rely upon the APA to determine what constitutes various mental illnesses.  Increasingly, illness is defined into normalcy and mere facts are called oppression and evil, and we are well down the road to plain-old normalcy being defined as illness.  You think it’s bad now — wait until the APA gets through with us.

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