Another Judge

Seems the retirement of Kennedy has sent the Left into unimaginable spasms. Once again we hear all the dire predictions of the demise of Roe v Wade, a precedent whose demise is long overdue. But despite all the wailing and moaning, I rather doubt that it will fall. It WILL be modified, though. Graham has a bill before the Congress redefining the government’s interest in protecting life from 18 weeks I believe. It’s about time.

I am hoping Amy Comey is selected, if for no other reason than she’s 46. That gives her a LONG run on the court. Nothing like messing with the Left. And while Ginsburg could croak at any moment, let’s not forget that Allito and Thomas are getting up there in age also. And one never knows what the next president will be politically.

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  1. DouglasDouglas says:

    I’m wary of a Amy Comey Barrett appointment. She has two adopted Haitian kids. That seems awfully Virtue Signal-ly, (Hey Madonna! Hey Angelie Jolie! I’m collecting the whole set too!), and I’m worried about the whole “Muh Immigrant Children” thing when illegal alien cases came up.

  2. DouglasDouglas says:

    And I’m not the only one asking questions about this angle, especially on things like travel bans on s#!%$hole countries.

  3. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Perhaps you have a point, perhaps not. Note the Laura Ingraham also has several adopted children, at least one of which is either Haitian or some other Central American nation, and she is hardly anything but conservative, and clearly for borders and control of our immigration.

    I believe Barrett has enough of a judicial trail to surmise how she believes the law should be administered, and it seems to me that she is solid conservative.

    That said, I have the sense that the female jurists are more likely to go off the reservation as they age than the males. I’m blanking on the name of the last woman from the court who retired but she was far more conservative when she was appointed than in later years me thinks. THAT might give me pause.

    It is certain that the three goof-balls now on the court will never move towards the center. Brreyer is also old and should be stepping down some time in the not too distant future, giving room for another conservative. OTOH, Alito and Thomas are also getting old, as I mentioned above, so all is not solid for a while.

  4. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    ?Anyone have any opinion about Mike Lee being appointed. His name has been floated about, and although he has not been a judge, he is a strong constitutionalist, and there is no need for previous judicial experience as noted in numerous previous choices – going all the way back to Chase of Lincoln’s cabinet.

  5. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Ha! Didn’t even know that. Shows how well I follow all this.

    In all events, it’s Kavanaugh.


    • DouglasDouglas says:

      Of the named top contenders, I think he was the best bet. I’m satisfied.

      • MLHMLH says:

        Best as in best? Or best as in most likely to be [quickly] confirmed?

        • DouglasDouglas says:

          Best as in Best We Could Hope For.

          Barrett worried me about immigration. I worry that she’s especially vulnerable to the refugee resettlement scam.

          Kethledge was another Kennedy, that is, a Big L Libertarian that was likely to screw us on a range of issues.

          Hardiman looks good at first glance, then you find out he’s married into a big-time Democrat family, and when he was younger, did pro bono work for a …. wait for it… immigrant aid law office in Mexico.

          Yeah, Kavanaugh was the best of the bunch.

      • DevereauxDevereaux says:

        Probably the latter.

        Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Republicans ram this through and have one goofy Republican senator (?Maine or Alaska – both too cold to think straight) put it up to Pence to decide. AND then see how the red state dems fare in the election.

        If ALL the republicans stand firm, there is no risk to the dems like Manchin to vote for him. It would be nice to see what they do when their seat is for grabs.

        But I still want the guy to get the seat.

  6. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    ?You guys notice how Kavanaugh has drifted from the headlines. Can’t wait for the vote.

    ?Any predictions on who to replace Ginsburg.

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