Russia; Who Cares?

This was one of the most important and impressive press conferences I have witnessed in my lifetime. Trump made a remarkably excellent decision to appoint Tillerson as Secretary of State. Drain The Swamp’: Saudi Foreign Minister Borrows Trump Slogan …  

A Must Read

I’ve been annoyed with the Weekly Standard during the election but articles such as this one encourage me to renew my subscription. This is about a 61-yr-old tenured professor at my alma mater and her ultimate downfall at the hands of the politically correct. It’s a fairly long essay, but … MORE…

Don’t Cross This Jordan

The Great [Snow Color] North is having the debate about gender.  Jordan B Peterson is fighting the good fight. He is saying enough is enough.

What do you think? Can the law force a person to address a person in a certain way?

We all are offended by others beliefs. Orwell had it right. “Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.”   Here all beliefs are equal but some are more equal than others.


The GOP is at their crossroads. The Progressives and their Donors have been content to fund the GOP as long as they toed the line of transformation of the US into an elite run nation, run for the benefit of the top ten percent. They were never supposed to win and … MORE…