Here’s one way:  JOIN

  • If you have other WordPress logins, this is not that.  This is not, which shares logins.  This login is good for this site only, and this site does not take logins from the rest of the universe.  If you’re not sure what that means, then it’s not a problem.

Notes:  All new users begin as “INBOUND” type people.  This is a holding status until approved for full “CONTRIBUTOR” membership.  This is an anti-spam and anti-jerk device.  We’ve never had jerk problem here, but spam members are were rife.  INBOUND members are read-only on the blog, and cannot see the private forums at all. They can see the public forum.

How to get out of INBOUND:

  • An automatic e-mail (from when you register) is noticed, and an admin acts on it to promote you.
  • An admin reviews INBOUND membership rolls, and promotes you.
  • You email an admin at, etc

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