I Think We’re Going to Win

I think we are going to win this election. I cannot prove it. I can cite no numbers.  I am out of the business of second guessing polls since 2012.

So, I will not argue with those who say that they have the numbers to prove that Trump will lose.    Just the same. I have a feeling that there is much more going on then is being captured by the usual sources.

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10 Responses to I Think We’re Going to Win

  1. NandaNanda says:

    Who’s “we”? Just wondering…Good to be back here; will be ready to bivoac again shortly…

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Nanda, I know you have a principled and well-founded objection to our candidate, but that is who “we” are.
    I view you as a Chaplain on our side — not shooting, but on the right team.

  3. MLHMLH says:

    It depends on how you define “win” does it not? The executive and congress; congress and governorships;closing up the dept of education.

  4. MLHMLH says:

    At 2035 MST, it’s looking like a possibility. . .

  5. AdministratorAdministrator says:


  6. MLHMLH says:

    Let the revolution continue!

  7. NandaNanda says:

    Let it at least attempt to keep its promises…

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