Is The Electorate Splitting Again?

For years we have had the liberal/conservative, red state/blue state party/independent, mushy middle and the fabulous group of utter precious folk, the celebrated ‘undecided voters’ , who after being bombarded for a year with information, propaganda and screaming just cannot decide until they walk into the voting booth.

We used to have a word for that last group…. Oh yes. Idiots.

All this allowed the media, people with small intellect but perfect hair and teeth who could read teleprompters to act as if they had political experience.

I believe this world is fragmenting, and may never have really existed.

I wonder if the group here at BDB sees a similar change?

My experience tells me we are entering a world of left behinds versus elites and elite servants.

Elite servants are media, state and federal workers and academia. Elites are folks with growth in income and assets.

Both political parties are struggling to reposition on this axis and both are ultimately in very bad position between donors and voters.

Your thoughts welcome.


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9 Responses to Is The Electorate Splitting Again?

  1. titus says:

    Do you know Mr. Joel Kotkin? He’s got great stuff on the revolt against the elites.

    I recommend Mr. Tyler Cowen for the opposite view–that the elites should be taking over completely: They’re not angry & self-destructive, but instead they’re actually creating the future, even though it’s a future where most of mankind will be tourists & museum exhibits…

    My own thoughts I’ll spare you–not even I think I should be yapping the mouth interminably. I’ll just say, I’m at least partially in agreement with the view that the elites & the rejected race are going to have to fight over what democracy really means–what consent of the governed really means…

  2. titus says:

    M, we’re all learning just how much truth there is to the old sayings & warnings about how self-government is lost when it’s not practiced, defended, & also died for now & then.

  3. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    The greatest endeavor of the elites for the maintenance of their own power is to keep middle class and working class incomes and assets growing,

    When schemes such as global warming and other things occur that favor restrictions on the wealth of the middle and working classes, it is a suicide run unless they are going for full out totalitarianism.

    We seem to have inbred a large group of not very bright elites.

  4. titus says:

    Yeah. I think everyone needs to learn how deep dissatisfaction is with the current arrangement. Otherwise, people will simply think they’ll take anything or can inflict anything. Some of the tough stuff is fast becoming inevitable. The few have forgotten that they need to defend themselves from the many. Some feel they can even dispense with the many. Well…

    It used to be that politicians thought, like most people, that most of leadership means temporizing–waiting events out–letting things take their path as much as possible, not trying to pit principle against accident or circumstance.

    Well, that can only work for so long if the people feel the ruling classes want to create another people…

  5. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    I believe the elite have lost their way. They hold beliefs that are schizophrenic. OTOH they hold people should be “free” to do what they want, but OTOH, that freedom ONLY extends to those things they “approve of”. And interestingly note, THEY don’t practice those things.

    So, religion and marriage are “optional”. It is perfectly OK to simply live with someone, have kids, etc. And Christianity is to be denigrated at every turn. BUT THEY get married, hold infidelity to be unacceptable, and go to church.

    Then there is all the emulation of the lower classes. Tattoos were once totally a lower class thing, frowned upon. Now they are everywhere. Hollywood, which is mostly low class types who have a pliable enough personality to mold themselves into anything called for and to memorize lines, have taken over defining “fashion”. But check out those going to the Met, or Opera House – none of that bawdy clothing. No one of class dresses like Michelle Obama.

    This loss of confidence in who they are and what is right is an early sign of the deconstruction of society. It cannot be replaced by “globalism” much as the elites would love that. People are tribal (even the elites – just a different tribe) and will not go for the kumbaya moment.

  6. titus says:

    I think you’re right that the elites are no longer aware of themselves as elites–they do not see their responsibilities properly & they’re slavishly trying to imitate the democrats in certain ways that are calculated to buy them sympathy or at least indifference.

    But of course there are other elites in America–there are classes of people who reliably vote Republican &c. They have public influence in some locales, but not in the flamboyant way of the liberals, because they’re not talent peddlers.

    It’s sort of like the difference between businessmen & public speakers.

    But nobody is trying to improve public mores–everyone is busy insulating himself from the public face of the country.

    The liberals know how to flatter & enrage public opinion & public taste; the conservatives do not know how to moderate & improve public opinion & public taste. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    This is why I’m forever yapping the mouth about the need to start new schools, new online forums–like Ricochet–new kinds of publications that can understand & attempt to improve the popular taste. Mostly, it feels like I’m talking to myself, however…

  7. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    “But of course there are other elites in America–there are classes of people who reliably vote Republican &c.”

    One point Titus, reliably voting Republican lately has been voting for a statist elite driven country.

    You are spot on about new forums for discourse and education. It is not yapping but critical.

  8. titus says:

    I would say, by nature, both parties have elites. I don’t mean the reliable voters in the lower classes. I mean those in the upper classes.

    I think, up until a few years back, there was a GOP consensus that ran top to bottom about nominating mediocrities. That’s why there was no outrage in the party in the nineties, for example.

    It was only when tax cuts–after the Bush tax cuts–& immigration–he tried that, too…–separated the top from the bottom that the GOP & conservative chattering classes realized there was trouble.

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