A weekend in Seattle with the conservative elite.

I spent Saturday enjoying the company of my Daughter, Son In Law and my three grand daughters on a drive through Whidbey Island north of their home.

We all respected the truce over the schism in the family between the rabble and the elites. Son In Law is neutral, but Daughter, Scientist by day and writer for conservative publications by night
has been flummoxed by the wrongness of the predictions by her colleagues on the Trump phenomenon.

I feel her pain, the world she was learning may be a Titanic, and dear old Dad is rooting for the icebergs.

We kept it civil , but the Brexit events just had to be mentioned.

It is going to be a long slog.

I came home and doubled down on contributions.


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  1. MLHMLH says:

    Yeah, I can’t talk to my sister, a dem married to, by his own admission, a knee-jerk liberal, about anything but our dad.

  2. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    My sister is an odd mix. A poetry Masters who teaches school to JH and HS, she holds all the left opinions, but can’t stand being called a democrat, liberal, or progressive.
    She thinks she’s the pristine center. I think she’s nuts.

  3. titus says:

    Hey, TKC! Maybe the daughter can meet you halfway? ‘It’s not that hard to say, I’ll never vote Trump!’ while saying, ‘But I’m coming around to seeing why decent people might!’
    Of course–you don’t have to go into details if you don’t think it’s ok.

    I’m happily in a situation where no one in the family is anything but anti-socialist. Although I have a libertarian brother–we used to get into arguments…

  4. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Hello Titus!

    Daughter and I have argued for years, do not worry. Right now, I am just sorry for her pain as the conservative icons she held in awe are looking a bit thin and patchworn. Plus she hates it when Dad’s predictions turn out right.

    Hope you are behaving over on the Ricochet site, the cops are cracking down on sarcasm and sass. I am banished for a month, but the screws will never break me.

  5. titus says:

    Hey, TKC. Happy 4th!

    Maybe I can be of help–in-between your side & the side of the icons stand we pomocons. Maybe she’ll like postmodern conservatism. It’s a step in the right direction, I’d say… Being against the Trump candidacy/presidency while acknowledging it’s neither the end of the world nor the devil’s work, but only a somewhat accidental result of deeply serious & respectable anger–well, I’m just suggesting a halfway house if she ever breaks free…

    As for Ricochet, it’s weird. There’s little fight left, but nobody feels like we’ve achieved anything.

  6. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Please elaborate, since I ma out until July 23.

    “Little fight left” due to moderators and editors or people just giving up?

    “As for Ricochet, it’s weird. There’s little fight left, but nobody feels like we’ve achieved anything.”
    Titus, my advanced age has achieved some wisdom. A gathering place is to generate memories and produce a profit for the owner of the bar. Achieving things is rare, such as the Green Dragon pub in Boston and some such other rare events.

  7. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    I was under the impression the Sons Of Liberty used it as a headquarters in 1770-1774

  8. AdministratorAdministrator says:

    Ricochet is the Chestnut Tree Cafe.
    And these days, I’m bearish on Claire. More so than usual. I hope she’s okay and all that but… Should we finally break down and have a Ricochet bitch session? We’ve been good. Oh so good…

    • MLHMLH says:

      I understand how she wants to be able to see her dad but, she really needs to come and live in the States and her finger back on the pulse.

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      Claire is suffering from Euro vision. It happens to many. When a continent looks down on NASCAR and embraces anti-Semitism, it is a sign to get the hell out.

  9. Mike LaRocheMike LaRoche says:

    A month-long ban? Bah!

  10. titus says:

    I’m ok with Miss Berlinski. I don’t think she will ever embrace opinions like the ones we share. I was somewhat surprise she’s so much against Brexit, but I trust she’ll be far less worried in a year or two. She’s not the tip of the lance–she’s, well, let me not continue with that image–she’s the kind of person important for the respectability & public acceptance of change, far beyond any influence or experience she might have. It’s much better to have her represent the other part of the coalition than the other people lining up for the job. & she is far closer than we are to the consensus the public accepts from the experts in the ruling classes.

    So these are my thoughts on what’s coming. Mr. Trump will lose; bad enough that his faction gets humiliated; not bad enough to justify any faith that the party establishment is or could be any better. The factions will go crazy. Pieces will have to be picked up; both sides will have to be mollified & heartened. There’ll be at least as much of a collapse of confidence as in 2012, but with far more confusion.

  11. titus says:

    About the fighting, Ball, Dime, & Brent–not the jazz trio–had it out in a long thread with the editors about how to change notifications & justifications about who gets suspended or banned & why.

    Nothing came of it. I’m on the fence myself. I dislike the acrimony, but when an editor gives me grief, I back down or I snarl & I leave it at that. I’m not sure change is good.

    I’m happy whichever way, if people get involved–for a while there people got involved, but it didn’t amount to anything. If the Ricochet consensus goes with Ball–he said there should be public notifications about which members get the hammer, but no comments there, so no fighting–I’m ok with it. If it goes against him, I’m ok with that, too. If only people get to care more & be a bit more serious about being for or against Ball’s proposal. It’s a weird situation–as a group, we’ve got this opportunity for which we really should be grateful to Ball whether we go his way or the other, but we can’t, because we won’t make anything of it.

    Maybe the problem is that Ball’s too direct. Actually, nobody knows any of the facts about Ricochet, or they don’t talk publicly: How many members are there? How many post posts? How many comment at least once a week? It’s all a business secret, but it’s also supposed to be a community.

    I’m young & naive enough to think that more has got to be made out of this community aspect, especially to give people more hope & more confidence–it’s hard to get any news on Ricochet on any matter of public interest that’s not gloomy or worse.

    But I’ve two objections to Ball’s idea. One, it’s gonna get ugly. If people are told who’s banned or suspended, it doesn’t matter if they cannot talk about it on that post. They’ll bitch & fight elsewhere. Far more work is needed to reassure all parties.

    The other is, this is too much of a fight already–& neither side can offer most members any persuasive image of how things are gonna be better next month or next year, if things go their way. It would only really change a bit the factional fight. It would do nothing to bring people together.

    So that’s what I’ve been thinking about–I didn’t get into this when Ball’s post was a hot topic, but I’m saying it now, & I’m thankin’ y’all for taking the time to read.

    Happy 4th & here’s to people getting a bit more confident about doing things together!

    • TKC1101TKC1101 says:

      I have often thought that Ricochet is run far more like a hobby than a business, it has all the earmarks of ideology over dollars, but that may just be my crass commercial nature.

  12. titus says:

    I think you folks are right–Ricochet’s not really a business. I kind of like that–not everything should be. But of course, you’ve got to have something better than an ideology by which to run the joint. I hope it works out, but I’m not very hopeful.

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