Sanity Amongst the Insanity

Saw this at PJ Media this morning. It broke yesterday.

Here’s the money quote:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement this evening. “The experts’ study sets forth a policy to enhance our military’s readiness, lethality, and effectiveness.

Emphasis mine. I’m sure that word alone makes lefties’ heads spin explode!

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2 Responses to Sanity Amongst the Insanity

  1. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Some nincompoop vet made the ridiculous assertion that the military focused on mission and didn’t care whether you were transgender, bald, gay, etc. Nothing says a transgender sniper is less accurate.

    By that argument, nothing says a diabetic sniper is less accurate. But diabetics are barred from service.

    Guess in a quest for “equality” we should have no standards.

  2. MLHMLH says:

    “diabetics are barred from service” Glucosist!

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