Corporations Are Your SJW Enemies

If there’s one little shibboleth about capitalism that we can toss in the trash, it’s that capitalism is the enemy of Marxism and a counter-balance to Leftist politics. The idea was that capitalism, because it supposedly was driven primarily by the rational instinct to make money, was resistant to political forces. If there’s a customer need, companies would fulfill that need regardless of political opinions, because there’s money to be made. We’re all finding out in the 21st century just how wrong that assumption was. Adam Smith apparently underestimated the strength of political passions vis a vis commerce (and Karl Marx apparently was wrong about his philosophies not meshing with the pursuit of wealth). We now see examples every single day of corporations metaphorically leaving money on the table by favoring one political faction and attacking their enemies. We see corporations taking sides in social wars, rather than saying “Your politics are your business, we just want to sell everyone the best widget at the best prices”. Nope.  The list of examples are legion:

  • Hollywood: The studios have abandoned the middle class adult audiences between the coast. Now they make nothing but self-indulgent political films for the big cities in blue states, and comic book adaptations aimed at Millenials. If it wasn’t for superhero movies and Star Wars, Hollywood would quite literally be going bankrupt. Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Darth Vader keeps the studios in the black. And even THOSE movies are starting to go SJW ( Black Panther might have well as been titled Blackety-Black Panther )
  • NRA fallout: you’ve doubtless seen the list of companies punishing the NRA this week at the behest of the screeching SJW hordes on the Internet. 1st National Bank of Omaha, Delta Airlines, and most car rental agencies have all cut ties with the NRA and it’s members this week.
  • Starbucks: the company is constantly pushing SJW themes, once going so far as to instruct its employees to lecture customers on race when they order that big mocha latte.
  • Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc: after the Charleston shooting a couple of years back, anything with the Confederacy became unavailable through most of the major online shopping outlets. Want a confederate flag to put on the grave of a Civil War ancestor? What are you, some kind of Nazi? You can’t buy that stuff here! Why, that was the American swastika! Go shop somewhere else, Cletus! Oh, that’s right, you basically can’t, because we have like 99% of the market share. LOL. Get with the times, Cletus.

This very morning, I get an email from Harry’s, the razor/shave company that advertised heavily at Ricochet. I bought their razors because the price was really good, shipping was convenient, and the whole process was rather hassle-free. NOW they’re spamming me with SJW lectures on “toxic masculinity”, openly saying that Harry’s wants to “redefine manhood for the modern age”. In other words, Harry is a soyboy, and he wants me to be a soyboy too.

Into the trash that razor goes.

It’s getting damn near impossible to buy anything outside of a gun that isn’t made and sold by cultural Marxists that are demanding that you get on the CultMarx bandwagon too… or else. Honestly, it’s beginning to remind me of the warning from the New Testament, where if believers didn’t accept the mark of the Beast, then they couldn’t legally buy or sell anything. And it’s not just us consumers. Other businesses that resist the CultMarx dictat are being punished. They’re being told, Borg-like, you will be assimilated, or you will be out of business. Bake that cake, bigot.

Capitalism will not save us. It can’t even protect itself. The CultMarx impulse is stronger than the profit motive. We see undeniable evidence of that now. We also see that corporations are eager partners in the assimilation process. We thought capitalism was the enemy of socialism. We were wrong. Turns out that capitalism is just another weapon of leftism, and that weapon is now aimed squarely at us all. What the hell do we do now?



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3 Responses to Corporations Are Your SJW Enemies

  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    People often conflate capitalism with corporatism.

    Large corporations are run by people who are driven to eliminate competition in search of every increasing control of markets. They hate entrepreneurs and the disruption they create. They prefer employees think a common way.

    Investors want stability and only chaos they create.

    Employees want security and stability.

    THe number of actual ‘capitalists’ are few and far between.

  2. MJBubba says:

    Conservatives must learn to patronize businesses that are not subsidizing the Enemy. If you cannot do that in business decisions, at least you should attempt to do so in personal shopping decisions.
    Make a habit of checking out the scores:

  3. DevereauxDevereaux says:

    Large corps are often the antithesis of capitalism if not outright monopolies (Google) at least oligopolies (Microsoft, Apple). Even when their leaders don’t manifest outright Leftist ideology they tend to flow with the apparent “common” political thinking. This current NRA assault is just that – group-think. Write enough letters, ESPECIALLY if you are a better customer, and it just might change.

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