Interlude — Star Wars Sucks

“Aren’t you a little fat to be a StormTrooper?”

The last time you saw a conservative movie was probably Iron Man, and before that, The Incredibles.  In Iron Man, Tony Stark, Billionaire Playboy, debated and demonstrated the role of private industry and its responsibility to its country and its people.  With great power comes great responsibility.  This thesis was ignored in the second movie, and thoroughly countered in the third movie, which is why it was all special effects and nineteen Iron Men.  The plot had fallen apart, the moral argument abandoned, and Hey look — another explosion!

Everybody hates Star Wars, but especially conservatives.  George Lucas is feeling the lash by now, with characters he worked hard to create (and destroy) simply being written out of storylines so that newly-minted girl power nobodies can carry the scene.  Imagine the power of whatsername’s pink-haired death scene if it had been somebody we knew since 1976?  These annoyances may be new to the left, but since the first retchingly awful prequel Phantom Menace, the politics have been front and center.  The Trade Federation agent “Nute Gunray” was explicitly a stab at Newt Gingrich and Ronald Reagan.  Lucas’ own childish misunderstanding of politics, based on conspiracies, informed by Victorian parliamentary documentaries, and modeled on lunatic Marxist caricatures of how things actually work, is just one more reason why none of the prequel movies work.  This is why he keeps throwing yawn-inducing political speeches at a supposed juvenile audience.  Lucas is writing a political critique, except he doesn’t even know what he’s mad about.  He’s just mad.  Well, now he’s not writing anything, and the Disney leftists have the wreckage left behind by Lucas to play around in.

God Bless The Incredibles.  Let’s see how that goes in the sequel, coming out this summer.  Meanwhile — I’m going back to watching ever-more detailed explications of The Shining.  I remeber lefty hoser Stephen King complaining that Kubrick had ruined his novel.  First off, as somebody replied to him, “Your books are all there on the shelf — they’re just fine,” or something to that effect.  Second, those books will stay on the shelf without people like Kubrick to put decent stories under them.

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  1. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Lucas stole fire from Joseph Campbell for Star Wars and created a film which resonated with several generations.
    It brought hope, a return to good guys beating the bad guys and the plucky youngster growing to be a man.

    It introduced likeable characters in a dark yet comical universe and we ate it up.

    It has been steadily downhill since that afterglow I felt seeing the first one in a theatre from a tiny ad in the movie section of the local paper.

    It never recaptured the original magic because it was clear Lucas did not believe in it.

    Oh well, the first one is still worth a watch.

  2. TKC1101TKC1101 says:

    Oh and BTW, my 14 year old grandson, who is currently entering the phase of ‘too cool for school’ that teens do, was visiting and we sat down to watch a movie. On my system, we pretty much can dial up most anything from in theatres to moldy oldies.

    He turned to me and asked to see “The Incredibles”, a film we used to watch together when he was five.

    We had a great time. Too bad the legalities held up a sequel for this long.

  3. MJBubba says:

    I have not seen it in a long time, but I recall the second movie (“Empire Strikes Back”) as pretty good.
    Agree that “The Incredibles” was a hoot and a lot of fun.
    I don’t have much interest in movies any more. They wear me out with Leftist messaging. Snooks and I typically only see one or two per year, and even at that I can say that the only movie that really impressed me in the past four years was “Darkest Hour,” which I highly recommend.

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