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The sources I have been following indicate that there is a significant more to come on the FBI-DOJ-DNC-Russia Imposter Nexus.

I think I can see an information and messaging war plan here, at least I hope the Good Guys have one.

The White Hats had to know that the Media and their street gang the Democrats were going to trash the Nunez Memo no matter what it said. I do believe it was kept simple for that purpose. One message has to be retained: THE FBI and the DOJ spied on Trump and his campaign and let Hillary off the hook. It is simple and it hits the American “fairness” reflex.

The response has been actually all over the map and contradictory. The accusations by the Left are so outrageous that they are looking crazy, not upset.

Mission Accomplished.

I do not believe the Left has gamed this out and is in pure reaction mode. In other words, they are fighting defense on the White Hats Information battlefield.

I expect, if the White Hats have this planned, a similar series of memos, reveals and such leading up to the IG report. The media has fired all their guns on the opening round. How will they respond to memo number 2 from, say Grassleys Senate Justice committee?
Crazier? Delusional?

It took the climate change people ten years to be shown for the looney tunes forecasters of doom they are. The Media/Dems have declared doom from Trumps election, his tax cut, his immigration crackdown, his regulation cuts and his trade and Paris accord moves. The world has ended five or six times , according to them.

I do believe Trump will next have Rosenstein fired for actions unrelated to the Mueller Circus. The Media will declare a totalitarian takeover. (I could be wrong, but threatening an oversight committee chairman with surveillance seems like a firing offense.)

So either Trump and crew are winging this, or they have a plan to win the meme war with the Media/DEMS/Deep State.

I hope they are not winging it. It does not look like it. So far the media is running like crazy on the White Hats timetable.

Put all this in the context of the SOTU with the images of the Pro American Good Guys and the Democrats negative expressions.
Add in the tax cuts and the jobs, the well being actually happening in real things like paychecks and you have the information environment for the mid terms.

Democrats against prosperity for working people
Democrats for spying on citizens
Democrats for Illegals over Americans
Democrats think citizens cannot handle the truth

Time for an ad showing Nicholson in A Few Good Men screaming how we all cannot handle the truth.


Put this into the end goal context for 2018.

Trump must end the year with holding the house majority he has now with a few losses and needs to pickup 4-6 Sentors that are pro AMerica First believers. With 55 or 56 Senators and 51 or 52 he can count on, he stops being held hostage by Collins, Graham , McCain , Thune , Sasse and Murkowsky. At that point, with the Dems not going along , He can get McConnell to break the filibuster rule.

If Trump wins that kind of victory in the midterms, the Deep State will step up and salute. It shows staying power and they fear that.

The information war must support that goal or it is worthless to play.


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