ACME Memo Sale

I cannot believe what I am seeing underway on the “Memo War”


Trump and his crew of Counter Insurgents have set up the Nunes committee memo for weeks, letting it percolate. The media other than Fox and such ignored it.


Now we are treated to a show of FBI ‘fighting” the release and such and the media falls for it and begins covering the memo release as a typical Washington food fight.


Then, the low ohm resistance decides to compose a counter memo.


It is like watching Roadrunner cartoons.


One explosive memo and then another requires a demand for the source material to be released to show which is true.


Trump is fortunate in his adversaries.


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2 Responses to ACME Memo Sale

  1. drlorentzdrlorentz says:

    Cryin’ Chuckie: Russia Russia!

    Trump: Meep-meep.

  2. Trinity WatersTrinity Waters says:

    So much winning!

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